5 Burgers You Should Be Eating In Las Vegas

Heraea at Palms Las Vegas – If I can watch sports and have a good burger there is no better combination. The burger at Heraea is a giant full flavored masterpiece. It’s so juicy that even though it has a well structured bun it eventually will become a mess. It will drip. It will ooze. It will lose its shape. Don’t worry though because those two beef patties will hold their flavor and at the end of the experience you will crave the bacon marmalade. Because of its size you could easily split this burger and still have an adequate meal.

Gordon Ramsay BurGR at Planet Hollywood- The bun is perfect and the beef is full of real beef flavor. This is the burger that you have com lately plain and you realize that they pus some work into creating a great burger. Yes, you can have one of the specialty burgers and they do have a few notables but if you are a purist and you really want to examine the essence of the fancy burger you’ll pass on the toppings. If you’re getting a burger loaded with all the extras go for the Hell’s Kitchen Burger. Yes, everybody is ordering it but when in Vegas do as the tourists do. You must have one of the hot dogs because these might be the best dogs on the strip.

Pub 1842 at MGM Grand – The Peanut Butter Crunch Burger should be on your radar. Why/ Why not. Get a perfectly crafted burger and then drop in some peanut butter. Salty, sweet and savory. You need a beer that packs a bit more of a punch to help you balance out the flavors but once you allow all those flavors to get comfortable on your tongue you’ll wonder why you never did this before.

KGB at Harrah’s – Kerry Simon does what could possibly the best deal in Las Vegas for the fancy burger market. He has a great piece of meat, a bun that retains its shape and all the right components to get him close to perfection. He also has affordable milkshakes on the menu and enough extras to convince you to make a second stop just to sample more of the menu. If you love his burgers you’ll love Simon at Palms Place where he really shows off his ability to create some very comfortable food in a spot that makes you feel like you should have a good tan and you should be wearing sun glasses indoors.

In-N-Out Burger – If I’m telling you that you should be having a fast food burger I have either lost my mind or they are really that good. The reason I mention the In-N-Out burger is simply because people talk about them across the country and rate them among the best. If you don’t have the opportunity to sample them at home Las Vegas is as good a spot as any to have a go at them. There is a convenient location on Tropicana Avenue that is walking distance from the Las Vegas strip. I grew up on these burgers and was a big fan however these days my fast food burger loving self prefers the Five Guys Burger and they have a couple of locations in and around Las Vegas as well.