Absinthe is a Must in Las Vegas

How do you feel about sock puppets?

How comfortable are you with really good looking guys with tremendous physiques balancing themselves within close proximity of each other and you?

Do you offend easily?

Would you kiss a stranger?

Ever have to wash out your mouth with soap?


You are perfect for Absinthe at Caesars Palace. You get a lot of choices for shows in Las Vegas but very few combine all the aspects of the best shows under one roof. Well, I mean tent. As in this show is under a tent.

Anywhere you sit you'll have an incredible view and the front row is not necessarily the best seat in the house. The show is a combination of a Cirque show, a comedy show and the filth you watch on late night TV because it is so entertaining. Absinthe is the best show in Las Vegas simply because it refuses to be politically correct. It challenges you to examine the obvious. It forces you to watch the uncomfortable and then it makes you laugh harder than you have in a long time.

Your ring leader, The Gazillionaire is not only entertaining; he is a mess to look at. You turn away because you can’t stand to watch and then you turn back because can’t stand to not look. His quick wit and his ability to work a room will keep you engaged and at some point you’ll develop a crush on him. Well, maybe not everybody will. Penny Pibbets, his sidekick is cute, naive and downright dirty. I mean vulgar and precious. She’s attractive yet inappropriate. You watch her and hope your daughter is not learning any of the things she is talking about.

Before you know it, you’ll be gazing up at the top of the tent as someone glides around on what looks like a flimsy ribbon that is the only thing keeping them from crashing down on you. Another guy climbs a few chairs and you start wondering if you would be able to find an exit fast enough if he came crashing down on your neighbor. Fast moving skaters. A girl in a balloon. Two people with big muscles. Two people with very little clothing on and then strangers thinking about lap dancing on an old woman.

You have not seen anything like it and you’ll want to see it again. Absinthe is the horrible scent that is genuinely pleasant. It’s the taste of black licorice. It’s like kale, it’s bitter but you keep eating because you know it’s good for you. Before you know it, you are craving it.

Bring an open mind and be prepared to laugh. Absinthe at Caesars Palace is not for everyone but you’ll be fine as long as you remember that you are in Las Vegas and Las Vegas is surely not where you go to be a prude.