Best US Cities for 2015’s Top 100 DJs

As we inch closer and closer to the end of the year, naturally we need to fulfill our innate desire to reflect and know (for certain) how it went. The question arises, who "killed" it in 2015? Whether it be in business, music, politics, or even in our immediate social circles... we want to see the numbers, so we know where everyone stands. You have to know where the bar is set, if anyone is ever going to raise it. The same rings true in the EDM world.

DJs are no different than any other celebrity or artist, and they are subject to the same scrutiny as everyone else in the public eye. Good, danceable music is a given. But what other criteria exists for which to judge these beat-matching demi-gods? DJ Mag's annual Top 100 DJs (and Top 100 Clubs) list leaves it up to the fans to decide.

EDM is in many ways a working man's genre... whoever comes out on top is oftentimes the one who put in the long hours at the studio, on the road, and who invested in their brand or image. The competition was fierce this year, with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike climbing past Hardwell for the number one spot. We here at Galavantier would like to take it one step further than mere rankings, and put the list in a larger context for our loyal readers, to aid in experiencing the EDM magic firsthand!

We put this infographic together to highlight the top U.S. cities and venues where these EDM bosses can be found performing. 32 DJs from the list alone are slated to perform in Las Vegas before the year ends, and 56 in total headlined along The Strip for 2015 – clearly making Sin City the city of choice for EDM artists and fans alike in the U.S. Compared to the 64 Top 100 DJs performing in Las Vegas in 2014, this figure falls a bit short. This can undoubtedly be attributed to the slew of Hip-Hop and Top 40's/Pop talent being incorporated into the mix by major venues such as Drai's Nightclub and Foxtail Nightclub.

The infographic also highlights the top five highest paid DJs of 2015 according to Forbes and their relative ranking. Calvin Harris crushed the competition, earning a reported $66 million dollars, while coming in at #11 on the Top 100 list. David Guetta, Tiësto, Skrillex, & Steve Aoki comprised the remaining top five electronic cash king spots, ranking within the top eleven places of the Top 100 list alone.

XS Nightclub, Marquee, Hakkasan, and Omnia comprise the majority the nightlife hot spots in Las Vegas where these acclaimed DJs can be seen performing live. Other cities with noteworthy EDM scenes that are drawing these household names include Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. Up-and-comers such as San Diego, San Francisco, and Scottsdale are blooming nicely, with each city hosting at least three of this year’s Top 100 DJ’s.

The Best US Cities for 2015's Top 100 DJs

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