Chowhound: Morels at The Palazzo Las Vegas

Morels French Steakhouse & Bistro at The Palazzo Las Vegas offers a different steak experience than most steakhouses in Las Vegas.  Executive Chef J.L. Carrera merges the classic steakhouse with unique culinary aspects, including a chilled seafood bar, a cheese and charcuterie bar with more than 60 farmhouse and artisanal cheeses from around the world along with handmade salamis and meats and all of this is complemented by a more than 60 wines-by-the-glass and more than 400 varieties of French and California wine-by-the-bottle.


Morels Las Vegas joins CUT Las Vegas and CARNEVINO Las Vegas as fantastic options for the steak lover visiting The Palazzo Las Vegas. The variety of French cuisine at Morels Las Vegas is really what separates it from the other steakhouses on the Las Vegas Strip. While not a steakhouse staple, the charcuterie is phenomenal. When paired with the right French wine, it is perfect as a snack outside on the Strip patio or as an appetizer before dinner.


While the charcuterie and wine are fantastic and what I would definitely suggest you order, the steak offerings are also excellent. Each time I have been, the steaks are prepared as ordered and delivered piping hot, but while delicious there's nothing "special" that sets their steak apart from any other top notch steakhouse.


The real takeaway with Morels Las Vegas is a solid dining experience, starting with the service and moving all the way through your food options including the salads, charcuterie, steak, wine, side orders and desserts.


In terms of design, Morels Las Vegas is a sexier take on French Country decor and the restaurant is large with plenty of seating.  And if you are seeking a little privacy during your meal, there are ample areas to be tucked away and hidden.  If you end up in a high traffic area that you don't prefer, the staff will gladly move you and not look down on you for asking.


One insider note, if you are staying at The Palazzo Las Vegas look for specials advertised on the elevators.  If you are not staying at The Palazzo Las Vegas, just ask the wait staff and they will let you know if there are any specials but probably won't offer them without being prompted. The special I found advertised on The Palazzo Las Vegas elevator brought us a New York strip steak, Caesar salad, mashed potatoes and trio of creme brulee for dessert for $40. The menu price for the steak alone was $50, so this turned out to be a great special, especially since I always order a strip steak on the first visit to any steakhouse.


Overall Morels Las Vegas is an excellent option for dinner or if you just want to snack and glass of wine. Morels Las Vegas is located in the lobby of The Palazzo Las Vegas at 3325 Las Vegas Blvd. South.