Chowhound: Terra Rossa at Red Rock Las Vegas

When someone in your group yells out, “I’m craving Italian,” you need to know exactly where to go. Looks like it’s Terra Rossa at Red Rock Las Vegas for you and yours.

What’s so fabuloso about this spot? Well aside from the nicely outfitted location, the Executive Chef hails directly from Milan. Chef Luigi Iannuario spent his days cooking up fine fare throughout Europe and brings his passion for natural flavors and rich tastes to the tables of Terra Rossa. You’ll have a chance to see him and his crew work their magic thanks to an open kitchen. Way to prep your palette. As for what you’ll be dining on, now that’s up to you, but we’ll tell you this, each seasonal bite offers a trip to the rustic Italian countryside, so it might be hard to pick just one. Forget what you think you know about Italian fare, because once you’ve enjoyed the Ossobuco alla Milanese or the Veal Costoletta ot the Tagliata Chianina, you’ll have a whole new perspective on what “authentic Italian” means. If someone’s on the salad bandwagon, not a problem Terra Rossa has a knack from dishing up darling (and delicious) Tricolore, Caprese, Mista salads and more. Getting hungry yet? Probably.

The culinary happenings are astounding between these walls. Pair a spicy sausage pizza with a bold Italian red and you’re set. No doubt that both the food and the atmosphere will leave you bold, brazen and speaking Italian. Phrase of the night: molto bene!