Do The Right Thing, Send The Girls To Vegas!

I tend to forget to do a few things around the house on a regular basis. I rarely pick up my socks. The toilet seat might get left up way too often. I forget to take the trash out and the leaky faucet in the restroom is going on 3 months without being addressed.

In order to play nice with my wife I've decided that she should have a little getaway with the girls. I've decided that she can have a little time doing Vegas as I do and I'll attempt to take care of those things I keep forgetting to do.

Sending my wife to Las Vegas means plenty of pampering as well as good food and drink. These are my ideas but if you need a little help you can get them right here with

Choosing the Right Hotel
An argument can be made that once you are in Las Vegas it does not matter where you will stay because all you are going to do is sleep. Wrong! You need a room that will help the entire experience. You want to be able to relax, spread out and drift into the fantasy of a vacation. I'll send my wife to Caesars Palace because the Octavius rooms will give her a taste of the luxury that is prevalent at Caesars while giving her the perfect location for her and the girls to take advantage of all the Las Vegas strip has to offer. The beds are plush and if your stress does not get swallowed up by the bed the large bathtub will do the trick.

I can guarantee that my wife will want to do some window shopping so The Forum Shops are walking distance from her room and if she decides she needs a little sun the Garden of the Gods Pool complex is about as good as it gets in Las Vegas.

Spa Day for the Girls
Send the woman in your life to Las Vegas without booking a spa for her and you might as well just tell her you looked up your old girlfriend’s profile on Facebook. Listen, she needs to relax so you’ll book her a treatment at Qua Baths and Spa inside Caesars Palace. Don’t go crazy with a super expensive treatment just get her the basic massage. You don’t want to set a precedent.

The Meal
Make reservations at Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas for her and her friends. The food, the atmosphere and the service are all that you should expect from the culinary foul mouthed, bad boy of food television. The drinks are sexy, the lighting makes you look extra good and I’m positive the good looking servers will flirt with my wife just enough to make her realize that she has it. (not that she is the flirtatious type, I think)

After dinner I’ll be sending my wife to Château Nightclub at Paris Las Vegas. The club has three distinct sections and if it is a warm night she’ll be out on the patio with views of the strip. I can almost guarantee that she’ll take a picture of herself and the Eiffel Tower or the Bellagio Fountains in the background and soon that will be on her twitter profile. Every time she looks at that picture she’ll be reminded of how awesome I am.

You can do the same thing for that special someone in your life. Take a look at the Galavantier hotel packages and get started with planning the ultimate Las Vegas getaway.