5 Tips You Need to Know for EDC Las Vegas 2016

Don't You Dare Attend EDC 2016 Before Reading These 5 Tips!

New to joining in on the festivities of the Electric Daisy Carnival; one of Las Vegas' most famous annual events? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you survive and have the best time possible.

Pace Yourself

There are tons of activities happening before, during, and after the festival as well as the actual event itself, which lasts for three days. Take it from the pros and pace yourself. Trying to attend every nightclub to see every DJ at every after party is a lofty goal but one that will burn you out; causing you to miss the festival all together. Pick your favorite DJs that you must  see and your favorite after party venues -- then go from there.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

It’s the middle of summer in Las Vegas meaning it will be close to  110 degrees (give or take a few), and you will be dancing while  pressed up against a thousand other hot bodies; all while drinking copious amounts of alcohol. It makes for an ideal  dehydration situation, which could result in you and/or your friends being hospitalized for the duration of the festival. The best way to avoid this is by drinking plenty of water throughout the night. For every cocktail you consume, drink at least one glass of water in between. It’s no fun being in the medical tent at EDC or passing out on the dance floor at an after party and getting booted from the clubs all together.

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

EDC Vegas is a festival and with festivals that celebrate good vibes, many individuals consume illegal substances. Regardless of your opinion on the subject, be advised that if you are caught with drug paraphernalia on festival grounds or in an after party venue, you will be escorted out and 86’ed for the remainder of the festival. There are no refunds and you may even be placed in the hands of security. But those are the risks you take, so you have been warned. The most important thing to remember  is this: don’t take drugs from strangers. This is one of the main reasons individuals at EDC Vegas end up in the medical tent and even hospitalized. If you stick to booze and agua  you can avoid some drama all together.

Have A Home Base

We’re not just talking about having a sweet pad to crash at every night after the festivities, but also having a place where you and your friends agree to meet if you lose one another. Whether that’s at the pimped out suite you’ve all rented out or a spot at the festival itself (or both), it’s important to have a home base where everyone can meet because you can lose one another. Count on cell phone service as being nonexistent on festival grounds. Even at after parties, you may not be able to hear your friends on the phone, so have a game plan so you all know how to find each other.

Have an Exit Plan

The biggest complaint about EDC year-after-year relates to transportation issues. Traffic is basically a bitch getting into and out of the festival. Plus, with an influx of hundreds of thousands of visitors during EDC week, it makes driving around Vegas just about as difficult. If you’ve got the funds, we highly recommend opting for helicopter rides to and from the festival which allows you to bypass all traffic and experience amazing views to boot. Okay, so, we don’t all have beaucoup bucks to spend on a personal helicopter ride. The next best thing: book a driver for a limo or some fanciful ride and plan on spending the week getting to know the driver because s/he will be your best friend and ensure you get where you need to be. Just don’t forget to tip!

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