Eating in Las Vegas: Carnevino Italian Steakhouse at Palazzo

The Experience
For the carnivore there is no better experience than a steak house that takes care of all the details when it comes to the product that they bring out to their guests. Carnevino is exactly that spot. They know the cow. They know the cow’s mom and dad. They know where that cow ate and how much they ate. After all the details are adhered to they also dry age that piece of beef and give it the respect that you should give a living thing that has given its life for our enjoyment. Carnevino at Palazzo is where meat lovers go to truly appreciate the art of beef. You’ll sit in the dining room with a glass of red wine and slowly taste very ounce of the steak that you order. You’ll romanticize the meal. You’ll slow it down in your head. You’ll take the entire experience and bottle it for a later date.

Who You Are Taking To The Restaurant
Take a serious meat lover to Carnevino. It’s not cheap but is well worth it. They take great care to serve you the very best quality and the experience is an event. It can be a date night restaurant but your date better need some beef. It is perfect for the group of foodies who want to try an 8 month dry aged steak with a big, bold, Italian red wine.

What You’ll Order

You’ll have a lot of meat so be ready. Start with the tartare or carpaccio. Gently move your taste buds into the proper place for a complete experience. If you are with a group of people try a few things. Get a dry aged bone–in rib eye and settle into the flavors of some proper fat. What ever you do do not allow someone else to grab that bone. You must rip some of that meat straight from the bone. You must! If the bison is available you are going to have to have some of it. Remember, the more people at your table the better so that you can try quite a few things. Don’t be shy, eat family style. Ask your server about a dry aged steak that goes beyond the usual 30 or 60 day aging process and you might be treated to something very special. Open your palate because you’ll be surprised how much the flavor changes after a few months of dry aging a good piece of beef.

Carnevino at Palazzo
3325 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702 789 4141

Cuisine: Italian Steakhouse

Hours: Dinner nightly 5pm to 11pm
The Taverna menu is worth taking a look at because lunch is also a very good time for more beef.

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