Finding Your Golf Game At The TOURAcademy At TPC Las Vegas

My back swing is perfect. My follow through reminds other players of Tiger Woods. I have shiny golf clubs and plenty of balls in my bag. My only problem is that when I hit the ball I have no idea where it is headed. I can hit the ball a long way, there is no question about that, it's just that 300 yards to the right means very little when you need to hit the ball to the center.

So I took my game to the tour academy at TPC Las Vegas. I also took my sense of humor as the golf professionals took a look at my swing and never once laughed.
"A few minor adjustments and you'll be hitting the ball straight." He said it so confidently.

Really? What a joke! I've been playing this game a while. I know that I can't hit the ball straight. If I need it to go straight I face the left and then the ball will fade into the target.

"Sir, that's called a slice" the golf pro was polite and he might as well have been rude because it still took plenty for me to believe him. However, after a video session that made me look fat while swinging a golf club and a swing analysis that had my wrists all tangled up I was instructed to hit a ball off of the grass.

Can you guess what happened?

I hit it right.

I hit another.



Right, right and even more right.

At the point of complete loss of hope the pro came over and whispered something that I did not hear through my embarrassment. He grabbed my wrist, shoved my hip, ducked my head and squeezed my hands.

He placed the ball in front of me and nodded.

Well, I don't have to tell you. You know how the story ends. It went way right!

However, the next shot went left. And the next shot found the fairway. Before I knew it the ball was sailing though the air and landing right where I wanted it.

Like a magician the golf pro never really gave up his secrets. For the next few days I hit the ball straight. Of course I didn’t play for 2 months after that and I'm hitting the ball right again. But for a few days I was as good as I have ever been on the golf course.

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