Galavantier Itinerary: The Guys In Las Vegas

So, you and the boys pile into a car and head to Las Vegas. Frozen burritos at a gas station and 6 guys in one hotel room? Wait…we are beyond that, right? Those were fun days, they really were, but I’ve been done with the crunchy carpet motels for about 10 years and food from a gas station that is to be heated by a dirty microwave oven is no longer an option.

We need the real Vegas. When you get the guys together for the big Las Vegas trip you need to make sure that this trip leaves a mark. You know what I mean, this guy’s getaway has to be the type of trip that leaves an imprint on everyone’s mind. For that you need proper planning and a few ideas.

I’m not going to tell you what to do I’m just going to tell you that these ten ideas need to be on your list of things to do with the guys in Las Vegas.

  • Cigars and Mojitos at Casa Fuente in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace – Personally, when I’m spending some time with the boys I have to have a cigar because I know nobody will mention the smell of smoke. I combine my cigar with a drink and you know that soon bad jokes and unbelievable stories follow.
  • Golf at Bali Hai Golf Course – Put money into a pot and get out there and hack your way into some fun. The course is right on the Las Vegas strip and with the views of Las Vegas from the fairway this is perfect even for the guys who don’t play much golf.
  • Beers and Sports at Public House at Luxor – Grab a booth and watch a few games. Holler, babble on about statistics and eat stuff that your cardiologist would reprimand you for.
  • Off Road Racing with Sun Buggy Fun Rentals – You’ll get dirty, you’ll race your friends and you’ll feel the adrenaline rush through your body.
  • Lily Bar and Lounge and then Hyde Bellagio – Start the evening at Lily Bar and Lounge and then after a few drinks and a little mingling you stroll into Hyde Bellagio. The large lounge is perfect for a group of guys to have some fun. Spend a little extra for the VIP treatment.
  • Indoor Skydiving or Jumping Off the Stratosphere – You can either go to the top of the Stratosphere Tower or you can save yourself the long elevator ride up and feel the wind rush past your face as you skydive indoors.
  • Learn Some Gun Safety at Machine Gun Vegas – Get a group of guys together and have some fun while learning about proper gun safety and the art of handling exotic firearms.
  • Poker at Binion’s – You must sit down at a table where the World Series of Poker was created. Poker in Downtown Las Vegas is always a little different than playing on the strip. The rooms are darker, the players are better and the vibe is old school Las Vegas.
  • STK – You need a steak. Everyone needs a steak with a few drinks and the atmosphere of a party on the verge of getting out of control. The cocktails are plentiful and you’ll feel like you are in a club that also serves some decent food.
  • Hangover Heaven – The Salvation Package. Yes, the party will get out of the control; it always does when the guys get together. You’ll need to recover and this is the way for you to get your body back and be ready for the party to continue.