Gold Spike Lets You Be a Kid Again, But With Alcohol

“Be young at heart,” they said. “Never lose your childhood innocence,” they said. If there is a better place to uphold these ideals than Las Vegas, then I’ll be damned. Fellow ‘adult-children,’ we have discovered your next Vegas hangout at Gold Spike in Downtown Las Vegas. Wander inside Gold Spike on a Friday night and proceed to make friends. The space is unique in many regards, one of which is that you will likely post up on one of their beds lying around the area. It ultimately felt like a sleepover, or a music video, as I ever-so-gracefully lumbered onto the bed with my beer to lean against the headboard and face my friends. Surprisingly, it was a perfect layout for conversing with my crew. Tip for the ladies: Don’t wear a short dress and try to maneuver around the bed. You know why. (We all do.) There is additional seating with swanky leather loungers, bar chairs and smaller sections of seating nooked into a corner, if you don’t immediately jump on the bed like the child in me did. Saunter out the back door and see why the backyard of Gold Spike is its crowning jewel. On the patio, you’ll find enlarged versions of your favorite childhood games like cornhole, Jenga and Connect Four. A part of me wonders if the magnified size of these games is to make us feel even more like little kids, but then I get distracted by sharp objects (darts) and bright colors (their blacklight room). Watch out for flying basketballs, however, as your fellow big-kids chuck them into life-size red Solo cups for gigantic beer pong. We’ve surely convinced you that Gold Spike is the place for you, so will you come and hangout?

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(CIRCLE ONE) After all, Vegas IS the ultimate adult playground. So act like it, drink in hand.