James Frey Challenges Readers to Find $500k Jackpot At Caesars Palace

International bestselling author James Frey is upping the ante for readers of his new book Endgame: The Calling, which was just released October 7. He has unveiled a $500,000 gold coin collection and is challenging readers to use the clues inside the book to solve the puzzle and find a hidden key that will unlock the winnings. That’s right, this $500,000 prize is up for grabs for the first real-life adventurer willing to uncover the secrets and determine the location of this key.

The book is based on 12 ancient cultures chosen to determine the fate of humanity. It’s a thrill seeking adventure that is coming to fruition. For those that go on to read the second book there will be a $1 million prize and with the third book, the winnings get even bigger, according to news sources.

Sounds like its time to head to the bookstore and pick up a copy. Here’s to that lucky person that finds the key. Game on.