Las Vegas Hotel: Cosmopolitan

What part of the description do you want to hear? Do you want me to tell you that your cool factor will go up once you check in or do you want to hear about how you’ll get a sense of relaxation in the room that will almost make you forget you are in Las Vegas or do you need to hear about how your foodie fantasies will come true at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas? This hotel has so much happening all at once that you almost want to start planning your next visit the minute you arrive. You’ll wonder how you can possibly fit in a visit to the pool, the nightclub, the bars and the spa in such a short time. The restaurants will pose the same dilemma. Imagine a hotel that exceeds your expectations and you have the Cosmopolitan.

Sleep. These are among my favorite hotel rooms in Las Vegas because they are spacious, they are well appointed and they make me want to hang out in the room and invite a few friends up for a drink. The sitting area makes me want to lounge and watch a game on the giant screen television. The tub begs me to soak in the bath with a view of the Las Vegas strip. The biggest feature is the balcony. This is what sets this room apart from anything else on the Las Vegas strip. Go ahead, stand out there morning, noon or night and you’ll just watch as Las Vegas moves all around you.

Eat. This might be the best collection of restaurants on the Las Vegas strip. I’m always excited about Comme Ca because I have a mad mancrush on Executive Chef Brian Howard’s insane kitchen skills. There are few people on the Las Vegas strip that are as creative and talented as he is. You can move in any direction from Comme Ca and have some pretty remarkable experiences. I typically head next door to D.O.C.G. or Scarpetta where Chef Scott Conant’s team delivers each and every night with a top notch culinary experience. The truth is I am so jaded by them that I’m positive I can no longer be objective about their food. What are your other options? China Poblano for a mix of Chinese and Mexican that makes you feel like you just drove into a Southern California strip mall for lunch. (In a very good way) Head into STK for a steak with a side of Las Vegas nightlife and if a burger is what you are craving Holstein’s will satisfy you. There is plenty more but I can’t go on because you’ll be hungry and I’ll be hungry and neither of us will get anything done the rest of the day.

Experience. You’ll want to see the pool but Marquee Nightclub will draw you in. You’ll have to see what all the excitement is about. You”ll also have to spend a few hours at Chandelier Bar. The cocktail program is impressive but the feel of the place should have you sitting around making new friends.