Las Vegas Weekend!

You have waited for this all year. You are in Las Vegas and you just want the party to start. You want this weekend to be the best weekend ever. You have scoured through all the research and all you want to do is start.

So start!

You should have a few Las Vegas nightclubs on your list in order to make sure the entire weekend goes perfect. A few of my choices to make sure the party goes deep into the evening and into the next morning:

  • Hyde Bellagio – I’ll get there early simply because the view of the strip is why you come to Las Vegas. Order a snack before 10pm from the kitchen next door at Circo or engage in some pre-nightclub flirtatious conversations while watching the Bellagio fountains dance in front of you.
  • Marquee Nightclub – You’ll need to make sure you have a table set up before you get here or the line will deflate you. The club gets crowded and the energy is so high you’ll be taking an afternoon nap the next day. This is exactly why you decided Las Vegas was the place you would find the ultimate party.
  • XS Nightclub – If you like space then XS is for you. There are far more spots to wander to and a lot more elbow room when the clubs is full of people. This is the place where people are having a good time so plan on being inside the club for awhile. Get a table and at least you are guaranteed a place to sit in between your dance marathons.
  • Mix Lounge – If you are more of the sit around and have some serious conversations about the fate of the planet while out at a nightclub you’ll be at Mix. The views are outstanding and the atmosphere tempts you to say the right things just to keep your partner engaged.

I won’t burden you with too many places to eat because if you are really serious about this weekend going great you might be sleeping until 2pm just to get you enough energy to start the night again. As you leave XS or Surrender nightclub you might want to consider La Cave or Society Café to get a meal in before your midday hibernation. If you are at Marquee and you want to avoid the hassle of a restaurant the Wicked Spoon buffet is actually one of the best on the Las Vegas strip. Of course you can walk over to the secret pizza spot and just have a slice to keep your energy up.

Still looking for things to do in Las Vegas? Check out our activities page and you might soon find yourself in a plane, driving a sports car and getting dirty in a dune buggy.

This is your Las Vegas weekend so make the most of it.