Party Las Vegas

Getting Your Beauty & Your Party On In Vegas

Typically, those headed to Las Vegas – Sin City – aren’t looking to get their beauty rest like say you would going to a secluded island in the tropics. However, with plenty of world-class spas and private as well as luxury cabanas at many of the pools, Vegas is becoming a destination for more than just the music and nightlife. While nightclubs and dayclubs have revolutionized the way Vegas is thought of now, however, that notion is expanding even further into the world of beauty.

When you come to party in Vegas, now you can get in-room facial Botox, microbladed eyebrows, all-natural lash extensions as well as get a well-being reboot with in-room IV for vitamins and nutrients to boost you for a night full of drinking or the morning after.

In-Room Botox
Whether it’s Botox, Juvederm or one of the many other options, you can peel back your age in a matter of minutes before heading to the club with Botox parties in Las Vegas. That’s right, a number of companies and physicians are bringing younger-looking skin to the Strip so you can sip Champagne (probably after the procedure) while getting ready to head to the club. Who would have thought? It really is the city that caters to your every wish and whim.

Eyebrow Microblading & Lash Lift
It’s the beauty treatment that has taken the world by storm. Now, Vegas has become a mecca for women who want the class of beauty treatments that are offered in Los Angeles, but at much more reasonable prices. So, for all of those ladies and metrosexual gents needing to boost your eyebrow game and toss the glue, as well as harmful lash extensions, look no further than MicroBladers | The Art of Beauty located just a few minutes from the Strip. Not only is MicroBladers offering discounts to locals, but they are relaying that benefit to the lovely Vegas visitors. Now you can club all night and walk away with eyebrows and lashes on fleek when you return home. Learn more by visiting

IV Wellness For Vitamins & Nutrients
While receiving a hangover cure following a night of heavy drinking is nothing new, in Vegas, the IV treatment of relaxing in your room and receiving a boatload of vitamins, nutrients, and liquids is more mainstream than ever before. Not only are partygoers booting up after a night of drinking with this magical concoction of all-natural goodies, but they are upping their party game with a pre-party cocktail of IV chillaxing as well. Check out Hangover Heaven to book the in-room treatment. 

As always, if you’re headed to Las Vegas, don’t forget to hit us up by texting or calling 702-448-6900 so we can help you with your every wish and whim for the best party in Las Vegas.