Late Night Eats in Vegas

We have all left a nightclub late in the evening or early in the morning and had the crazy idea to have a meal. As if all that dancing and those extras cocktails have made us need a meal at 4am. We can’t wait until breakfast and dinner was too long ago. We have to have the late night meal.

That should be easy in Las Vegas as every hotel has a 24 hour café but do we really want to sacrifice quality for a quick late night fix? That is one of those mysteries of the Las Vegas nightlife experience. I once had corned beef sandwich on marbled rye at Mandalay Bay at 4:30am and I would tell people about it as often as I could. Was it that good? I had a 3:30am fish and chips at the old Holiday Casino that I still dream about and the night before I was married my friends and I devoured a few pounds of prime rib at 5am at the Riviera.

Is the late night meal important in Las Vegas? It’s what memories are made of.

5 Spots For A Late Night Meal In Las Vegas

  • Central at Caesars Palace – The last time I walked in to Central after 3am we had snacks and drinks at the bar. I’m positive the discussion moved on to fracking and I had way too many drinks. 6 guys, a lot of shared plates, plenty of drinks and a bond that was created that is still talked about on a regular basis 2 years later. Have a seat in the dinning room and have the corned beef sandwich or the beef chili. If you have someone to share with go with the fried chicken.
  • 24/7 Café at Palms – You should be walking in to this spot for dim sum at Fortunes Café which is tucked away in the back. You probably will get the all you can eat pancakes but if any of the menu shows some Asian specialties you should jump all over them. They are worth it and this is a tiny secret surprise at the Palms.
  • Secret Pizza – If you leave Marquee and you really need a snack there is no better place to keep the happy time going just a little longer than the Secret Pizza spot at Cosmopolitan. You don’t know where it is? That is why it’s called the secret pizza spot. Look for all the people sitting around eating pizza near the escalators and you’ll be let in on the secret.
  • Sugar Factory – If you have a sweet tooth and you feel like satisfying it deep into the evening you’ll get more than you need at Sugar Factory. They have a massive menu and if you need to increase your caloric intake at 4am they are open 24 hours.
  • Citizens at Mandalay Bay - If I had a large meatball and some bread I would be just fine at Citizens but somehow I’ll think that my late night meal should include pancakes and they make a macadamia nut cream that is so delightful I feel like I’m sitting on Napili Bay.

Ask yourself, do you really need to eat after you leave the nightclubs of Las Vegas?

The answer is, yes!