Lounge of the Week: FIZZ

As awesome and glorious as it sounds, spending 24/7 in a nightclub just isn't practical. At some point you'll have to give your ears a break, maybe ingest some nutrients, or our favorite... lounge hop. The fact is that there is simply so much to do and see in the hours leading up to your big night out at a hot club. With such a variety of bars and lounges peppered along The Strip there are plenty of pitstops to make to maintain a buzz as you walk around and explore the strip.

As the weather cools and pools shut their doors it's time to start looking for alternatives to pool parties. Nothing tops starting your Vegas evening with some great food and mixology. Nightclubs aren't exactly known for the most eclectic wine, spirit, and champagne offerings. Vegas bars and lounges range private whiskey tasting rooms to fruity and sweet cocktail bars and everything in between. Enter FIZZ Lounge inside of Caesar's Palace. FIZZ is perfect example of a niche offering that fulfills it's purpose with excellence.


Fizz - Las Vegas


We love bubbly, and FIZZ offers that and much, much more. It's strong point is luscious champagne cocktails and luxurious ambience. The space spans 2,750 square feet of banquettes and bar. The lounge was designed and started by the legendary Sir Elton John and his spouse,  Creative Director David Furnish. The lounge showcases avant-garde artwork and photography from their personal collection and high fashion design. The gilded entrance is something out of a Roman Piazza – the perfect setup for the wonderment that is inside.

The menu will satisfy any Champagne and cocktail connossieur. The mixologists utilize the highest-quality fresh ingredients to blend old world classic cocktails with cutting edge techniques. The food is absolutely scrumptious with everything from caviar to mufaletta paninis. For cocktails we highly recommend The Amoreena. Named after Sir Elton's Johns most popular compositions, this is a twist on the classic Pisco Sour. La Diablada Pisco is used with a touch of fresh strawberry, combined with Fragoli Wild Strawberry liqueur and a splash of Fee Brother's Old Fashioned Bitters. For champagne cocktails you must certainly taste Le Fizz.


Fizz Lounge - Las Vegas


Be sure to check out our amazing  VIP offerings for FIZZ which include private bottle service options as well as the Bottomless Bubbles special, which unique happy hour offering of G bottomless J Roget champagne from 5-7pm or 7pm-9pm. Click here or call 702-448-6900 to get personal white-glove travel planning and to see all of our VIP package offerings!