Lunch Time In Las Vegas

I have to be perfectly honest with you when I tell you that I’m starving therefore I must write about where you should be eating lunch in Las Vegas even though we both know that I’m the one that really wants and needs to eat. (Pool season is around the corner therefore I cannot eat, I have to look good once I shed my winter coat). I really want to head over to Town Square and demand a Kale Salad at I Love Burgers but let’s face it, kale is so done these days, right? Well, no, but if I’m going to eat I’m going to really eat and I don’t want a salad even if it is my favorite salad on the planet.

Let’s not focus on me, let’s work on where you will eat lunch in Las Vegas:

  • Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay – Lunch should not be the usual burger and fries but if you need to go that route you should be having a burger at Burger Bar. When I say that, you should know that I’m really saying is that along with your high quality burger you should be glancing at the epic beer list and finding at least one if not two excellent selections. Burgers and beers for lunch are never a bad idea. Just want a burger? KGB at Harrah’s does that well and if you just want a beer The PUB at Monte Carlo is your spot.
  • Serendipity 3 at Caesars Palace – I have to satisfy my sweet tooth as often as possible so lunch with a frozen hot chocolate is what I’ll suggest for the dessert lover. The portions are huge so share something and leave some space for some thing decadent. At Caesars but you want something different? Try the hand pulled noodles at Beijing Noodle No. 9.
  • Javier’s at Aria – Tacos and Margaritas for lunch sound good? When I’m hungry nothing satisfies quite like a huge taco platter with plenty of pork and beef to stuff in to warm tortillas. Since I’m always hungry that means I can drop into Javier’s at ARIA any day of the week. If tacos don’t do it for you try some Thai food at Lemongrass or Spanish Tapas at Julian Serrano.
  • La Cave at Wynn – An upscale version of that comfortable place in your neighborhood that has some decent wine by the glass and food that keeps you lingering for awhile. Sit on the patio and get a feel for causal elegance that way they do it at Wynn. If done right, La Cave is a good option for an affordable meal that feels far more expensive than it actually is.
  • Simon at Palms Place – It doesn’t matter if I’m having sushi or my favorite beef sandwich the view of the pool through the large windows and the perfect lighting makes lunch a little longer and a little better each time I’m here. However, I should warn you that you’ll want to sit by the pool after your meal so be warned that your lunch might go a little long.

One more thing, whenever I talk about lunch in Las Vegas I always have to include Spago in the Forum Shops. For a very long time it was my favorite lunch spot on the Las Vegas strip. I really can’t figure out if the meatloaf I still available on the café side so I don’t stop in as often but it is still a great spot to people watch and waste away an afternoon while being kept company by a glass of red wine. (My last visit the meatloaf was not on the menu but their website menu suggests that it is. Go figure?)