More Halloween Fun!

Do you have your costume picked out for Halloween with nowhere to go? Of course, there are a ton of events happening at the hottest nightclubs for the fright-filled holiday weekend. But because this is Sin City, the home of devilish merriment and mischievous festivities, there are even more options for you to get buck wild on Halloween. When you’re in Vegas, why should you settle on having to go to one club when you can go to several? Halloween is definitely one of our favorite holidays because it’s a time when we can all let our inhibitions run rampant. So be prepared to get a little crazy and check out these events to experience the best Halloween of your life.
Zombie Burlesque

This salacious musical takes some of the best things in the world and turns them completely upside down. Who knew you could combine zombies, sex appeal and comedy so flawlessly? Zombie Burlesque is the perfect pre-game plan before you stumble over to the club. Not only is it perfectly Halloween-themed, but all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the laughs. Because this is a burlesque show, you’ll also be entertained by the raw talent of the dancers and entertainers.



Fright Dome

If you’re in the mood to be completely enveloped by Halloween terror, why not take advantage of going to a haunted theme park? That’s right. An entire theme park dedicated to making your blood run cold. Sounds like fun if you ask us. The Fright Dome at Circus Circus features 250,000 “scare-feet” of six haunted houses, four scare zones, 25 rides and attractions, live shows nightly and more. The Fright Dome was ranked as one of the top five scariest haunted attractions in the nation, which means you’re in for a real treat.


Fetish & Fantasy Ball

Now, you might want to spend your Halloween doing something a little bit naughty, and that’s completely acceptable. The Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball brings together the sexiest people in Vegas for a risque celebration beyond your wildest dreams. This year marks the 20th anniversary for the event, so you know they’ve probably planned something totally outrageous. The festival features three giant rooms and two levels of perpetual entertainment provided by a variety of great DJs, crazy performers and a human zoo. With so much insanity and debauchery in one place, the Fetish & Fantasy Ball is always the experience of a lifetime.



Boneyard Bash

Maybe you’re looking for something a bit more low-key, but still fantastical and eerie. The Boneyard Bash is located at the Neon Museum and features raffle prizes, giveaways, a costume contest, complimentary drinks and live music. The Neon Museum at night is already beautiful and something everyone should experience at least once. But the Neon Museum at night on Halloween??? That sounds like something straight out of a fairy tale.


Ghostbar & GBDC Costume Contest

Ghostbar Dayclub is back at the Palms for their fifth season, and just in time for Halloween! Ghostbar and GBDC are giving everyone the opportunity to show off their costumes at their Day & Night of the Killer Costumes events. The Palms certainly knows how to throw some epic parties. On top of dancing, going crazy and participating in general Halloween party excitement, you can win cash prizes, a stay at a one-story sky villa and/or VIP bottle service at Ghostbar or GBDC. You might as well try to win these awesome prizes, but honestly, just being at these parties already makes you a winner.



VIP Club Crawl

There’s so many fun things going on in Las Vegas for Halloween Weekend. Maybe you can’t decide on settling for just one club. Plus, we don’t want you to make your Halloween scarier than it needs to be by drinking and driving. VIP Club Crawl is the perfect solution to finding a designated driver and hitting up multiple nightlife hotspots. When you book with Club Crawl, a host for the night will help you pass the lines at nightclubs such as Tao, Chateau and Hyde. The party continues as you hop between venues on the party bus, which includes drinks. VIP Club Crawl is perfect for Halloween because you don’t have to worry about driving, which club you’re going to or where you’re going to park during the busy weekend. All you have to worry about is what you’re going to wear during your night out on the town.

If you already have a specific club you know you want to go to, booking a party bus is also a great idea. That way, you still don’t have to worry about finding a designated driver or parking, and you can drink in the bus on your way to and from the club.