Playing at Paris in Las Vegas

Enchanté, dear readers! How would you like to be whisked away to the streets of The City of Lights within The City of Neon Lights? It's just a hop, skip and a jump away for any Vegas visitor, and we're here to tell you our favorite spots inside Paris Hotel & Casino.

Chateau Nightclub


No night at Paris would be complete without spending an evening dancing under the Eiffel Tower among the most beautiful people. Enter: Chateau Nightclub. The interior of this Parisian-themed club is where main acts take stage, like Drake who performed at the grand opening. However, it's the outside rooftop deck that makes Chateau so unique. You can step out and overlook the Bellagio fountains across Las Vegas Boulevard and get a breath of fresh air, which is usually hard to come by when you're holed up in most clubs focusing on getting down with your bad self. There's both the Terrace and the Rooftop Garden to explore, so you'll have no problem finding excitement in 45,000 square feet of nightlife heaven.

Mon Ami Gabi


Even as a fairly seasoned Vegas local, I still return time after time to Mon Ami Gabi when I have friends or family in town. It's one of the best dining spots on the Strip, if you ask me, because the people-watching just can't be beat and I know we'll get quality French bistro cuisine that can both impress and freak out your party. Order their Escargot and watch a newbie's face when you do so. They have no idea how tasty it will be! Revel in their disgust and enjoy what they're too afraid to eat (#MoreForMe). It's worth the wait to get a spot out on the patio, or second-best is the atrium room because you'll get a clear view of the Bellagio fountains. If you're there at night when the show runs every 15 minutes, you'll cram in at least 5 fountain songs during your dining experience. Pro Tip: Get at least 2 carafes of sangria to do brunch or dinner like a champ.

Le Cabaret


You may have seen Le Cabaret during its off-hours when walking through the Paris Hotel. It's that quiet little corner of the hotel beneath some twinkle-lit trees with cafe chairs and a small stage, completely reminiscent of any daydream I've ever had about Paris. This will be one of your go-to spots if you like live music, it's one of the top aspects of Le Cabaret. Technically there's a two drink minimum, but no one will really be forcing you to move out of your seat, outside of the band's awesome beats. They won't be playing classic French music, more of a modern vibe blended into this authentic setting, but it will match the casino drink prices to keep you in the present. Still, a fun hangout all-in-all.

La Creperie


You'd do anything for a delicious crepe, wouldn't you? We're in agreement, then! When you're at Paris, "anything" for a crepe means boldly traversing the cobblestone walkway in high heels after your cocktails at Le Cabaret, so you deserve a warm, delicate and tasty filled French pancake for that acrobatic feat. La Creperie is a nice quick stop to get a bite and you can fill your crepe with savory or sweet fillings, top it off with ice cream or Chantilly cream and continue to love life. Especially Parisian life.

Sugar Factory Bar & Grill

king kong sundae

Speaking from experience, Sugar Factory at Paris is a great spot to get fully loaded on mimosas and act a hot mess with your crew before launching into a sugar coma. 'Nuff said. The menu is like reading a book, so you're bound to find something you're craving before reaching the end. And the cocktails? Don't even get me started. We're talking peanut butter rims, goblets of steaming dry ice, and candy garnishes. There's even a rolling liquid nitrogen cocktail cart for some table side preparation. Special occasions like birthdays and bachelorette parties fit right in here, so keep that in mind when your friends are getting engaged or if you have the surprise responsibility of planning an outing for everyone. Pro Tip: Impress your table by secretly asking a server to deliver you the World Famous Sugar Factory King Kong Sundae if you have a table with the appetite of 12 people. This $99 sundae comes with everything but the kitchen sink, plus giant lollipops and sparklers for dramatic effect.

If we've done our job inspiring your next trip to Vegas and you're enchanted with the magic of Paris, let us get you a sweet room rate hookup. We'll dance all night, eat fancy food and delicious sweets and stare into each other's eyes in the candlelight. Cest la vie.