Sexy Sweet Feet Will Rescue You After The Club

Ladies we know you like to dress to the nines and be all dolled up for a night out in Las Vegas but all of that can be thrown away in a few seconds if you take your heels off and start prancing around barefoot. Yes, you know who were talking about.

One, it’s disgusting.

Two, have you thought about what you are a walking on as you stroll barefoot through a nightclub, casino or on concrete (yuck)?

And three, you get black feet which is one of the most unattractive looks.

We also know you don’t carry massive purses with you to nightclubs and the less is more factor weighs heavily so thankfully there is a solution for you with Sweet Sexy Feet. Think of a stylish flat that is sexy, classy, and comfortable and can be folded to fit into any small purse. And when it’s time to put on your Sexy Sweet Feet, throw your stiletto’s in a provided tote bag so you’re not being looked at as the one with heels off and shoes in hand.

The stylish flats, available in three colors (to go with every outfit of course) are extremely affordable and can be purchased in Las Vegas inside the Hard Rock Hotel. For those looking to have their flats shipped directly to them, order straight from the website where you can also order gift baskets for bridal and bachelorette parties!

Just remember ladies, walking around barefoot after a night out is never a good look and can be avoided easily with a pair of Sexy Sweet Feet.