Shows For The Kids In Las Vegas

When looking for an ideal way to entertain the kids while on vacation it is quite easy to go the route of arcades and swimming pools in Las Vegas. They are abundant so why not. Well, because Las Vegas does have options for your family so you might as well use them. See a show with the kids and start introducing them to the stage.

What I’m taking my kids to see in Las Vegas:

  • Mac King Comedy Magic at Harrah’s – If you know me, read me or have ever been even remotely close to me, you know I’m a huge fan of Mac King. His show is a throwback. It takes you back to a time when talent was pure. No need for special effects or the extra glitter and diversions. This guy in the plaid suit will entertain you with his ability. He’ll make you laugh and he’ll dazzle you with a few illusions. It’s not ground breaking but it is the best family show in Las Vegas and I often say the best show on the Las Vegas strip.
  • Blue Man Group at Monte Carlo Resort - The music is in your face and the performers are hilarious. If your kids can read they'll have more fun and if they enjoy a high energy experience they'll be tapping their toes and then stomping their feet. This is perfect for the pre-teen years all the way through the retirement aged kids.
  • Mystere by Cirque du Soleil at Treasure Island Hotel – First off I should tell you that it is not cheap so if you have a family of four you might pay a bit more than your budget will allow. However, you’ll get a show that the entire family will talk about for a long time to come. The acrobats, the music, the comedy and the overall production make this one of the best shows in town.
  • Nathan Burton
    Nathan Burton has a way with people and you see it in the way he interacts with the audience. This show caters to the afternoon crowd so you’ll get a family friendly show that can have some adult tones. They are very few and no more than you would get in everyday broadcast television. His act is magic, magic and a bit more magic. It’s high energy and the kids will feel like they are in a real Las Vegas show.
  • Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre

    I’m not a pet person. Honestly, I don’t see the point in having another organism walking around my house that will never pick up after themselves. However, I have raised two ids who are pet lovers so by default I’m interacting with cats, rats, lizards and snakes in my home every day. My kids loved this show and were so captivated by it that they could hardly get in a sentence through their laughter.