Sin City Brewery Makes Its Mark Around The City

Imagine yourself walking down The Las Vegas Strip mid-July, with temperatures effortlessly reaching over 105 degrees and the sun beating down on your back. It's not always the most refreshing feeling when you're on vacation and just trying to see some sights. You blindly walk into the new Harmon Corner center after deciding "enough is enough" and welcome the rush of sweet, cold air conditioning.

Then, you see it. The bar stool calling your name in front of glittering taps, all under the infamous 'Sin City Brewing Co.' signage. Sit down and drink up, because this newest location of Sin City Brewing is the perfect summertime cool down.

This brewery specializes in only a few varietals of beer at their three Vegas locations, so there is something for everyone.

Jump right into the deep end, if you're feeling adventurous, with The Dark Side of Sin stout beer. Opaque with a halo of froth on it, this is the variation that we found right up our alley and teeming with flavor.

Basically, if you can handle your booze, take on the stout right off the bat.

Not your cup of brew? Three less "hoppy" beer varietals are also on tap with their Amber, Blonde and Hefeweizen draughts, all good for a Vegas refreshment. If you happen to fall in love with the Sin City Brewing Co.'s ales, there's no shortage of merchandise for sale at each of their three locations. If all goes well, that T-shirt might be the only clue to remember where you got that great buzz going