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Las Vegas Pool Parties Kick Off Summer 2017
It's Official, Summer Commences In Sin City

It’s official, summer is in full swing in Las Vegas and you know what that means… pool parties, dancing until dawn, festivals and pretty much partying all night and all day.

Vegas never sounded so good, baby.

The thermometer has definitely surpassed the 95-degree level and is slowly rising as summer kicks off. This means that the pool parties are going to be pretty incredible with a lot of skin showing and even more eye candy to check out.

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This Weekend in Vegas

The all-star Vegas lineups are slowly but surely coming back with a vengeance! We've got some hip-hop legends, a pop-punk drummer DJ set, and electric EDM duos. We're thankful for this t-shirt/no-sweater weather and the pools have taken initiative and will open up for the pre-season at the beginning of March. If you can't join us this weekend, definitely start planning for your sunny getaway now with Galavantier!



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