The Bachelor Party In Las Vegas

There are four of you.

Four guys in Vegas.

One guy is finally leaving this makeshift group of idealist, slackers, visionaries…drunks.

The bachelor party in Las Vegas.

Your plan should be simple. Spend time together. Talk about old times. Have a great meal. Maybe end the night with a glass of wine and tickets to see a Cirque du Soleil show.

That is the official story. That is the line that you feed your families back home. Each and every one of you will rehearse those details in order to preserve the decency of the bond between brothers.

The Las Vegas bachelor party when done correctly will never be spoken of publicly. You four brothers will know exactly what went on and you will share information amongst each other but those details will never be revealed.

The Las Vegas Bachelor Party: What You’re Really Going To Do.

You will drink. Do not under any circumstance invite someone to a bachelor party who decides that they will not be drinking in Las Vegas. You do not need a designated driver on the Las Vegas strip. You walk, you take a cab or with the help of you’ll get a car service to get you to the places you need to go to.

5 drinks you need to have in Las Vegas

You’ll need a decent Las Vegas hotel to centralize all of your activities. Remember, you will need to rest. Don’t go with the idea that you will stay up for 3 days straight. That sounds like a good idea when you start but you want to be fresh each night when you hit the nightclubs. Pick a hotel based on budget, how many bars they have and location relative to where you want to have your party. Cosmopolitan has Marquee Nightclub, MGM Grand has Hakkasan and Wynn and Encore have Tryst, XS and Surrender.

You need at least four spots for food and beers. That is right. You will be drinking during the middle of the day and you will probably be watching highlight of games that you have no interest in simply because you can. It is a bachelor party and guys can be guys during these times. You’ll want spots like the The Pub at Monte Carlo, Public House at Luxor, Pub1842 at MGM Grand, Lagasse’s Stadium at Palazzo and RiRa at Mandalay Place. The important stuff is beers, some food and a good lace for guys to be guys.

You’ll need a nightclub. We can help you with that as well. Get a table in order to help the bachelor mingle. Going VIP is the least you can do to help this guy ease in to the transition that is marriage.

You will be going to a Gentleman’s Club. It is what you do for a friend who is getting married. You’ll sacrifice and put yourself in the position of watching very attractive dancers do their thing in order to make the bachelor party a success. It is what we do as men to help our fellow brothers. Once again, don’t worry, has you covered.

Are you ready to plan this Las Vegas Bachelor Party?