The Galavantier Travel Channel: Go Fly A Plane

It's not everyday that we get to fly a plane. In fact I have only done it once. However, you should understand that in my one day of flying I learned how to flip it, tumble it, stall it and roll it. In fact I spend an afternoon doing all of this while a trained fighter pilot instructed me to push my own limits. That is the reason to go to Las Vegas. Somehow, in Las Vegas almost anything is possible. and I have teamed up to show you exactly what there is to do in and around Las Vegas on the Galavantier Travel Channel. When you see me sacrifice my body for the greater good of your vacation you should know that I do it all for you.

This week take a look at my attempt to become a pilot while my instructor did his best to get me to be an acrobat in the sky.

After watching the video you might be asking yourself if you could possibly pull that off. You could and you should. Sky Combat Ace is minutes from the Las Vegas strip and their staff does a very good job of both making you feel safe as well as keeping you safe. There is a sense of professionalism that I cannot recall ever getting anywhere else. These guys are focused and prepared for anything. They help you have fun but that is secondary to helping you have a safe experience. I'll tell you that it will take plenty to top this experience.

The entire experience will take a few hours and you'll be briefed on the various aspects of flying a plane and working with your instructor. By the time you leave the facility your life will be changed.

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