The Gordon Ramsay Hot Dog in Las Vegas

Each and everyday I get hungry and make bad decisions. It’s almost cruel the way my body metabolizes because it practically forces me to choose the wrong foods. I should point out that what I mean by the wrong foods is really me saying “I can’t lose weight.” Pool season is around the corner and I am about to tell you where to go and have a hot dog. Yes, how insane am I that I am about to tell you to take some time out of your Las Vegas vacation to have a hot dog? Very, but you’ll thank me.

You should at least have the confidence in my opinion that you won’t dismiss my suggestions immediately but still you should question my motives if I’m telling you that you should be seeking out a wiener in a bun. Really?

Let’s get to it. Gordon Ramsay, the celebrity chef who screams at people on television is serious about food in Las Vegas all of a sudden. He has recently opened up 3 different restaurants on the Las Vegas strip. I’ll eventually get around to giving you full blown reviews of each but today I really only want to tell you about a hot dog at Gordon Ramsay BurGR inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel. Yes, I’m the crazy guy that is telling you to go into a burger joint and order a hot dog instead.

The hot dog you’ll be ordering and telling people about is the Fresh Roasted Chili Dawg that consists of a beef snap-dog that is simmered in a hellfire sauce that adds quite a bit of flavor and then placed in a freshly baked bun that is cut over the top. They drop in some jalapenos, roasted Fresno peppers, avocado, red onion and chipotle ketchup to create an explosion of flavors. It’s a pretty good sized hot dog so plan on splitting it or grab a plastic bag to save some for later. This most likely is the best hot dog in Las Vegas. It’s outrageous. The bread is freshly baked and the crunch in that wiener is intoxicating. Every now and then you need that simple meal that does not requite much from you. This is that meal. Sit down, order a beer and a dog and you 'll be blown away.

You’ll also need some truffle Parmesan fries that are somewhat addicting when washed down with an Innis and Gunn. It apparently is Gordon Ramsay’s favorite beer but realistically it will become your new go to beer if you can find it once you get back home.

I should mention that the burgers at Gordon Ramsay BurGR are way above average for the Las Vegas strip but I don’t want to disrespect the hot dog with burger talk right now.

If you are a little crazy about hot dogs make sure to try Pink’s Hot Dog also at Planet Hollywood and American Coney Island at The D hotel in Downtown Las Vegas.

My work here is done. Don’t feel guilty if you have more than one. You really do not need to show of your physique at the pools of Las Vegas anyway.