Things To Do In Las Vegas! The Video Version

So you say you are a visual person? No worries, has you covered and it's time for you to sit back and start watching a few videos that should motivate you to head to Las Vegas right now!

If you are at work you might want to put the volume down and settle yourself in because after these videos there is a good chance that you are going to start feeling sick. You'll start playing up the flu. A cold. The latest virus. You'll find something that will keep you from coming in to work on Monday because you'll be in Las Vegas.

Are you ready?

Soar high above the Las Vegas strip in a helicopter!

Go hunting for Zombies while learning a bit about shooting some automatic weapons

Dune Buggy. Sand. Dirt. Vegas!

Zipline through the desert

Realize your dream of wanting to be a Top Gun Fighter

Skydive indoors right near the Las Vegas Strip

Are you motivated to have some fun in Las Vegas? With so many things to do all you really need to do is package the entire thing together with and then you roll into town and get ready for some serious action.