This Weekend In Las Vegas, October 4-6, 2013

Before you head out and try to find something to wear to the nightclubs in Las Vegas let me help you out. This weekend in Las Vegas you’ll need something white. No accents of red or accessories that set you apart, just white and only white. This weekend, October 5, 2013 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Sensation arrives in Las Vegas.

This is the dance party that started in 2000 in Europe that incorporates the theatre of the mind, mixed with some human emotion and with an overall theme of unity, hence the white dress code. Imagine an arena full of partygoers dressed in white, free to roam all the dance floors as the show goes on above and around them. It is a sensory experience that combines the acrobats of a Cirque show with the lighting of a dance club and wrapped up in a show with an underwater theme titled Sensation: “The Ocean of White.”

Prepare yourself for a show that feels very much like it was made for Las Vegas even though this experience is a traveling tour. I’ll tell you that you can expect jellyfish, water fountains and a lot of good music in an environment that promotes a positive experience through music and dance. Mr. White kicks off the show, but don’t worry, it’s not that Mr. White (My last breaking bad reference). Also on stage for Sensation in Las Vegas is Sebastien Leger, Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano, Michael Woods and Mc Gee,

The center stage is sensational and the show will awe you.

The Ocean of White

October 5, 2013
MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas
Tickets: General Admission: $150
Deluxe Admission: $250

Is a huge dance party not for you? No worries. I bet you are more of the lounge type of person. Sit back, listen to some music while enjoying a few cocktails. I get it. HYDE Bellagio is where that works best. You get in early and have some thing to eat as the food is coming from the kitchens of Circo right next door. Enjoy the view of the fountains of Bellagio and then slowly let the music work up the energy to the moment when you feel like you should dance.

HYDE Bellagio is open from 5pm until very late on Friday and Saturday.

Another good option at Bellagio Las Vegas is Lily Bar and Lounge. No cover charge and you can actually find a place to have a seat. Open daily from 5pm to 4am.