Time To Surrender At Encore at Wynn Las Vegas

It’s Friday, It’s Vegas. Let’s make some magic. But this weekend, let’s do things a little differently. Instead of big an boisterous, just once, let’s try small and stylish. I’m talking about Surrender, the more intimate nightclub at Encore with cool design and sexy sounds. A more insidery crowd comes to Surrender, not that there’s anything underground about it, but these are the folks who are more interested in a good time than bragging about being somewhere famous.

First, let’s gather and make a game plan. A good place nearby to meet is the Eastside lounge, with lots of space, a pretty view and some great signature cocktails. If it’s just you and a friend or two, the bar at Society is a great spot for something classic, as is the atmospheric lobby bar by Encore hotel registration.

By the way, if the women in your group need to do some last minute shopping or pampering, this place has fantastic boutiques (Hermes, Rock & Religion) and absolutely one of the best spas in Las Vegas.

Now, let’s eat something. You can see there are plenty of choices at Encore, including Botero steak, Wazuzu, Society café, Sinatra Italian (check it out, they have Frank’s Oscar!) and of course all the restaurants next door at Wynn too. But really, the thing to do is eat at Andrea’s, which was pretty much created specifically for people going to Surrender. Seriously? Yup.

It’s a club-restaurant, which means the DJ is (almost) as important as the chef, and social hopping between tables, even dancing in between them, is encouraged. The food is Asian-inspired, but this isn’t P.F. Chang’s, or even Katsu-Ya. To appreciate the difference, order the amazingly tender five-spice squid salad, hamachi crudo with crispy garlic, pickled cherry pepper, cilantro, and sudachi soy, or melt in your mouth savory Wagyu rib cap. Veggies like the ponzu broccoli, baby eggplant and tofu, and white lotus dumplings will have you cleaning the plates too. And don’t miss the fun ice cream tasting for dessert (a dozen or so unique flavors in mini cones).

But don’t even think about a food coma. It’s time to hit Surrender. And by all means, take advantage of the huge outdoor space that is Encore Beach Club during the day. This is the way we party in Vegas, under the stars, with the stars, and sometimes even in the stars.

Las Vegas Writer, E.C. Gladstone, the guy dancing with all the pretty people in the VIP booth, contributed to this piece. Apparently, he didn't think enough of me to share his space at Surrender with me.