Travel Through A Lens: The Bank Nightclub at Bellagio Las Vegas

Lock, stocked and ready to rock, that’s what you’ll experience when you step inside Bellagio Las Vegas and head over to The Bank Nightclub.  At only 6,600 square feet, The Bank is an intimate room that packs a heavy punch.  The luxe hotspot uses an escalator to pull you in and an intimate foyer to keep the tone light before you reach the main hub of the club where you will immediately be thrust into opulence. Gold accents line the entire nightclub, while black onyx provides the dark contrast of luxury in the multi-level party haven.  The upper ring houses bars and great vantage points of the party below.  The mid-level VIP section is anchored by numerous VIP booths that let you be a part of the action but also a way to chill a little.  On the bottom of the nightclub is the dance floor flanked by more VIP booths, while the DJ booth rises to the top overseeing all the action inside The Bank.  Add in top talent DJs and surprise performances and The Bank is one party play pen you’ll want to experience in Las Vegas; and no matter where you decide to revel inside The Bank, you’ll be money!