Travel Tip Wednesday: Picking The Right Airline Seat

I think just about everyone has had an airplane experience where you wound up with a seat that didn't recline, lacked leg room or perhaps was located next to the restroom and you found yourself kicking and screaming because it caused you to have a miserable flight experience. I want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you again. is a fantastic site to reference when booking a flight and selecting your seats. The site breaks down each aircraft and has an excellent color coded seat map to let you know what the best and worst seats are, along with concise detailed reviews and in-flight amenities available. With over 700 seat maps at your disposal, SeatGuru has you covered when it comes to ensuring you select the perfect seat for your journey.

Something else that may be helpful to consider is SeatGuru Mobile. The next time you are confirming seats while at the airport or dealing with an unscheduled aircraft change, you can pull up the application on your phone and know exactly what seats to request. Just visit on your smart phone and you’re in business.

Visit, Book and Be Happy.

Until next time,

Galavantier Guru signing off