Your Last Meal Ever in Las Vegas

Rumor has it that a few people are saying the world will end today I have news for you, Las Vegas would never end it all on a Friday. Tuesday, maybe. Monday is a strong possibility but with the amount of Las Vegas nightclubs that demand crazed party-goers on the weekend you can bet that Las Vegas will be here strong through both Saturday and Sunday.

However, let’s assume we want to have a plan just in case. It’s good to be prepared. There is no better place on the planet to wait out the end of times like Las Vegas. One, there are no clocks and very few windows and more importantly there are so many things to do in Las Vegas that we will be having fun waiting for the Mayans to come and punch our card.

I’ll suggest you wait out the turning out of the lights on planet earth at the Venetian and Palazzo. We really have no grasp on when it will all end so you might as well have the best breakfast of your life to start of the day. Bouchon at Venetian is Chef Thomas Keller’s fantastic approach to the bistro. He does it so well that you might consider staying here all day. Don’t do it. Have some bacon, coffee, the French Toast and move on.

I should warn you that if the world is about to end I’m thinking about food. I’m thinking about bacon and garlic. I’ll probably need bread and beef as well. Lunch will be at I Love Burgers in the Grand Canal Shoppes. I would suggest you buy yourself something expensive but the world really is not going to end and you don’t want to flirt with tricky exchange policies around the holidays. Instead, have a bacon burger and some fried Oreo’s and then walk down to the Palazzo casino.

Find the Fusion bar and chat up one of the mixologist. I can guarantee you that they will have some fruit infused cocktail that will help you prepare for the possibility of doomsday. Even if the world is not ending this drink will help you relax. If you are lucky they‘ll have a bacon infused vodka or they’ll be cleaning the tanks and you’ll get to sample a lot of really good fruit.

The reason you’ll be waiting out the end at Palazzo and Venetian is because you can choose from TAO or LAVO to end your night. I personally would go to LAVO because it feels more intimate and I really enjoy the outdoor patio. I can usually find a place to sit and have a meaningful conversation with at least 3 people who probably have had too much to drink. Good times!

Since we are not entirely sure on when the end could come you might want to hit the Canyon Ranch Spa and cleanse your soul in a sauna or you can watch a game at Lagasse’s Stadium.

As the sun starts heading under the horizon make your dinner plans to have the perfect meal to end it all with. Dry aged beef at Carnevino Italian Steakhouse is the only way to go. Splurge and get the 8 month old beef and you’ll be so shocked as to how much flavor that dark piece of meat can have. A bottle of Barolo, some beef and then a night of dancing.

The world won’t end but at least you’ll have a good time pretending you were concerned.