Top Halloween Events Tonight

Old Hallow’s Eve is here, and even though a majority of the hottest events happened over the weekend, Las Vegas isn’t tapping out just yet. While you’re out tonight among the sea of Harley Quinns and Jokers, you still have the opportunity to book tables and earn some serious cash. Here’s what’s going on tonight:

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Know Your Customer and Make the Sale

Whether you are a new Ambassador with no sales experience or seasoned salesperson, it's not always easy to get the conversation going about how to make a sale. Here are a few tips to help you get the conversation going.

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Las Vegas Ambassador New Year's Eve 2017
Guide to New Year’s Eve 2017

As the weather somewhat cools and we move into the Southwest's version of “Fall,” Las Vegas is already laying down the groundwork in preparation for New Year's Eve 2017. Each year, massive crowds swarm the city in order to celebrate in true Sin City fashion.  The holiday falls on a Saturday this year, which guarantees a full weekend of the hottest parties on the famous Las Vegas Strip and gives you the chance to rack up some serious commission.

However, before you begin to send out those quotes, there are some changes to the booking process that you will need to be aware of:

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Cash in on Halloween Parties Today!

Once again, the scariest and most thrilling holiday of the year is upon us. Halloween Weekend is shaping up to be quite the star-studded event for the city of Las Vegas. Locals and tourists alike are expected to take part in all of the creepy fun festivities, and this year’s events are sure not to disappoint! Check out the events below, and login to your ambassador dashboard to see table pricing for your clients.

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Las Vegas Downtown Pride Parade
Expand Your Clientele at Downtown’s Pride Parade This Week

Each year, the Pride Parade brings glitz and glam to Downtown Las Vegas. This year, however, you can cash in on all the action. Go and mingle with participants or stage your vehicle at the end of the parade located at Stewart Avenue and 4th Street, located near The Mob Museum to snag folks as they exit the event and look for places to party.

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Sell Summer All Winter Long

This winter, your clients can still enjoy a sexy and super fun pool party while staying warm with the transformation of the Marquee Dayclub into the Marquee Dayclub Dome! Beginning Saturday, October 29 at 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and running every Saturday through the winter season, the Marquee Dayclub Dome is a climate controlled indoor pool party located 200 feet above the Strip.

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How To Use Your Social Media To Earn Money
How To Use Your Social Media To Earn Money

Whether you have a lot of friends on social media or a small group of close friends, you can utilize your social media account to grow your followers and your income. The most important step you can take is to just start. Begin posting and do so frequently.

Don’t say tomorrow or next week, because you’re missing out on so many opportunities to earn extra cash easily.

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Ghostbar Dayclub GBDC 2016-2017 Season
What Are Winter Dayclubs and How To Sell Them

In Vegas, we all know that the summer time is when of the best times to visit. Not only do the rising temperatures make pool parties the perfect outlet for cooling down, but also people love to party during the day to enjoy cocktails, the hottest DJs and other scantily clad patrons running around.

In order to combat the pool season closures, four venues in town have adapted to the need during the chillier months and now offer some pretty wild Winter Dayclub options.

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Galavantier Las Vegas Ambassador Referral Program
Ambassador Referral Program

Being part of the Galavantier Ambassador Network just got that much better! Every time you refer a friend or colleague who signs up to be an Ambassador and makes their first table sale, you’ll receive $100 added on to your check post consumption!

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Route 91 Harvest festival 2016
Your Guide to Route 91 Harvest Festival - 2016

Any chance you’ve been living under a rock lately? If so, be sure to open your eyes and ears September 30 - October 2nd weekend as over 25,000 country music fans descend upon Las Vegas for the city’s 3rd annual Route 91 Harvest Festival, donning a variety of cowboy hats, boots, and of course -- strategically placed blue denim!


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