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The Bank Nightclub , Bellagio Hotel , 3600 South Las Vegas Boulevard , Las Vegas , Nevada   89109

Hours of Operation: Thu-Sun 10:30pm - 4am Questions or Reservations: 702-805-5088

If there were an extensive scene in the bank vault of a James Bond movie, this is what it might look like. The all black and gold interior with opaque lighting and Art Deco style circle and square wall decor give The Bank the look of a Rockefeller-sponsored mural/1920s art gallery mashup. But the lights don’t stay dim all night, and when they do light up, the space is transformed into a psychedelic dance dream — all aquas, pinks, cobalt blues, and reds, the joint is alive with banging beats and the crowd emerges from the slump of daytime.

At just 6,600 square feet in size, The Bank at the Bellagio truly is built more like an actual bank than Las Vegas nightclub. While you will likely only step inside the vault of an actual bank to check on your safe deposit box under strict supervision, The Bank nightclub prides itself on packing in the crowds inside its lavish main room — a very different experience and one that patrons really love. Once guests traverse the escalator and trek through the foyer, they will find a two-level homage to opulence.

A DJ booth sits between the floors of The Bank, dappled in gold embellishments, black onyx, and an array of colors from the club’s state-of-the-art lighting system. A series of VIP booths are staggered to keep the groups private while allowing them to stay in the heart of the action, as bodies bang together in the expanses between. You never know quite how long you might have to wait to get into The Bank — it could be a mere few minutes or you could be on line for more than an hour depending on when you arrive and who is performing — so getting there several minutes before opening is advised. Not unlike other bars and clubs on The Strip, you can expect to pay upwards of $10-20 per drink depending on what you choose to imbibe. The dress code is relatively casual, though shirts with collars are the best call for the guys.

What's the best thing you don't know about The Bank? Its resident DJs and other musicians are local pickings: you may never have heard of them, but chances are, they grew up on and around The Strip, so they have been exposed to the best talent in the industry for their whole lives as Vegas natives.

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