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Avenue Nightclub , Chelsea & Meatpacking District , 116 10th Ave. , New York , New York   10011

Hours of Operation: Mon-Tue 11pm - 4am, Thu-Sat 11pm - 4am Questions or Reservations: 702-805-5088

An elite multi-purpose two-story venue located betwixt Chelsea and the Meatpacking District. Avenue serves as a full-time nightclub and private event space with a gastro-lounge focus. A compact and an unorthodox layout adds to its exclusive allure. The club totals 3,100 square feet of space with two upper-level mezzanines in addition to the main floor. These parlors can host group sizes ranging from 20 to 350 people. The oak and ash interiors, as well as the 28-foot vaulted ceilings fortify the luxurious old-world feel of this club. Two state-of-art sound systems with customizable light, Internet, and multimedia capabilities add to Avenue’s versatility when it comes to hosting a wide array of private and public nightlife events. Top-name DJ’s and celebrities frequent this sophisticated nightlife hotspot Monday-Saturday ensuring a nightlife experience of the highest stature.

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