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Webster Hall Nightclub , East Village , 125 E 11th St , New York , New York   10003

Hours of Operation: Daily 24/7 Questions or Reservations: 702-805-5088

An architectural landmark and cultural icon in New York City, Webster Hall was initially built in 1886 and while it has gone through many renovations in its 100+ years, it has housed everything from hedonistic masquerade balls Speakeasy-style to iconic bands as a concert hall. Today it stands as a 40,000-square-foot nightlife venue that houses building-wide parties in three various rooms including the Grand Ballroom, Marlin Room and The Studio. Each room features its own DJ and the venue offers nightly themes like the House Party, which is predominately Hip Hop or the Girls & Boys event, which is a dance music extravaganza featuring big name DJs like Dillon Francis, A-Trak, and deadmau5 to name a few. You’ll be partying under flying trapeze artists a la Cirque du Soleil Vegas style. Enjoy wandering around this colossal venue and getting lost in a party haven.

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