7 Epic Bloody Marys to Wash Away Your Sin

What is it about a Bloody Mary that exudes religiosity? Is the thing itself sinful or holy? Is it the blood-like crimson color, or the rich decadent flavor? Perhaps it’s the salvation-offering vitamins it contains such as lycopene that replenish lost elements from a hard night. For me personally, it is a day-drinking staple, especially on the day of rest. While it’s restorative effects as a “hair of the dog” drink are disputed (electrolytes, rest, and even Sprite according to Chinese researchers are just a few of the methods that are backed with research), to most it eases the guilt of imbibing with a bounty of healthful no-sugar ingredients. I know that it’s my go-to cocktail to cap-off an all-nighter or brunch elixir to along with strong coffee the following afternoon. If you haven’t found a version of the spicy, salty, and pickled delight to tickle your taste buds just yet, be sure to give these stirring Vegas options a try: 1) Todd English P.U.B. at The Shops at Crystals – All About Mary The hottest trend in the brunch scene has been the “Bloody Mary meal”– where the drink is overloaded with savory (and sometimes sweet) garnishes, transforming the drink into an entrée. The All About Mary is more like a mini-buffet than an entry on a cocktail menu. Toppings such as chicken wings, cheeseburger sliders, shrimp and mini corn dog are just the beginning. Buyer Beware: each garnish comes with a separate price tag! 2) The Peppermill Restaurant & Fireside Lounge – The Bloody Peppermill Restaurant and Fireside lounge touts one of the meanest and fairly priced Bloodys in town, revered by locals and tourists alike. This Jersey-style diner serves its Bloody in a hurricane glass with Champagne as one of the unique ingredients. 3) Hash House A Go Go – BLT Bloody Mary Sometimes you just need some bacon. Sometimes you’re hung-over and can’t keep a whole breakfast meal down… but still need bacon. Hash House A Go Go knows this and they are here to help. Their BLT Bloody Mary is simple but extra delicious with tomato, bacon, and iceberg to top a house-made Mary mix. 4) Mr. Lucky’s 24/7 at Hard Rock Hotel – Breakfast Bloody Mary Mr. Lucky’s knows how important the first meal of the days is. Their Breakfast Bloody Mary has Belvedere and a spicier-than-average tomato juice mix as a base. It’s garnished with shrimp cocktail, bacon-egg waffle slider, celery, pickle spear, lime and horseradish. It doesn’t stop there with a beer chaser to further assist in taking the edge off. 5) Morels French Steakhouse and Bistro at Palazzo – Tableside Bloody Mary Probably one of the most luxurious presentations of the drink one can experience here in Sin City. The tomatoes are freshly muddled right there in front of you, the horseradish is homemade, and you there are a number of the fine gourmet garnish ingredients to choose from. 6) Longbar at The D – Sunday Bloody Bar Here at Longbar you’ll think you’ve died and gone to Bloody Mary heaven. Choose from 5 bases: Classic, Spicy, Bloody Maria, Bloody Lucille, or Bloody Mahalo. There are 2 levels of garnish options at your disposal besides the standard celery, pimiento olives, lemon and lime. “Premium” toppings are comprised of pepper-jack cheese, rosemary, thyme, dill, jalapeno, Serrano chilies, gardeniera vegetables, roasted garlic, baby corn, carrots, pearl onions, and more. “Extraordinary Additions,” including thick-cut bacon, jerky, hearts of palm, pickled asparagus, pickled eggs, and smoked oysters or mussels. 7) Porchlight Grille – Specialty Sunday Bloody Mary Our last pick is a little exclusive and a little ways off the Strip, but worth planning ahead. This one isn’t for the lightweight or the inexperienced. Porchlight Grille specialty Bloody is only available on the last Sunday of every month. Showcasing a custom house-made Bloody Mary mix straight from Mike Ditka’s recipe book, four shots of Ketel One vodka in a 25-ounce mug, and topped with whole lobster tail, tri-tip steak, Cajun-spiced shrimp, Slim Jim, bacon, cheese-stuffed pepperoni, pickled asparagus, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes make for a superior Bloody. The preparations are limited to about 40 so get there before 11 a.m.! They cost $20 or are free to gamers.