A Las Vegas Strip Club Guide

Vegas is known for it’s wild antics and epic good times. Part of these good times includes heading to the strip clubs – whether you’re with your fellas for a bachelor party or if you ladies want to embarrass the bride-to-be with a male lap dance, we’ve outlined the best places to go for that fun night out.

For both ladies and gents, you each have a couple of top-ranking choices including Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire’s, Olympic Gardens (OGs), Palomino Club, and the list goes on. Let’s start with where the ladies can go. Top recommendation: head to Hustler’s. This place is top-ranked with gorgeous men that can, at times move better than any female dancers I’ve seen. Plus, it’s also an amazing place to visit if you have a mixed group of guys and girls. The ladies can head to the male revue side while the men can have fun in the main room, too.

Fella's, Hustler’s has a few rooms to choose from and ladies galore. It’s one of the local’s favorites and when it gets busy they even open another back room to give extra space to patrons. The best spot in the house is the first room to your left, off of the main room. It’s a little bit smaller providing for more intimacy, but still big enough that you’ve got ladies streaming in and out of the room.

Another great spot for the men is Spearmint Rhino. These girls are gorgeous, the drinks are strong and it’s like navigating a funhouse maze, but filled with beautiful people. Probably a favorite among many, it’s located about 10 minutes from the Strip via a cab, depending on where you’re staying. However, ladies, there are no male dancers here, unfortunately.

Sapphire’s is also a good choice, to be sure, as it’s the largest strip club in the world reigning in at 70,000 square feet. Also a male and female strip club, this place is like a playground with multiple rooms, stages and bars. They’ve got private rooms for the men, but they’ve got an entirely separate showroom just for the ladies so the hootin’ and hollerin’ can get as loud as need be!

Olympic Gardens, another female/male club combo, is the only strip club located on the Las Vegas Strip. The female dancers are on the lower level, male dancers on the upper level and there’s also gaming at the downstairs bar. The only thing you need to know about this place is that you need to be adamant in saying no if you don’t want a lap dance. The rumor is these guys are pushy, so be warned.

Now, if you want to take things to a whole new level, the final guy/girl combo is the Palomino Club. This venue has a twist though, as it’s all nude and they serve booze, which is an extreme rarity. This place was grandfathered in before 'all nude' and 'alcohol' became a troublesome pairing. Both guys and girls will be fully nude at this club, but if you want a drink, bring large amounts of cash, as it’ll cost you a pretty penny to down a cocktail.

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