Adventures in Red Rock Canyon

Just a few minutes from the Las Vegas strip Red Rock Canyon offers a little bit of outdoor excitement. Activities that range from rock climbing and mountain biking to hiking and bird watching all can be had in the shadows of the large sandstone cliffs that border this state park. Las Vegas does not have to be all about late nights and questionable behavior you can actually fit in some adventurous activities in between the debauchery.

Scoot Through Red Rock

You might not look as cool as you think but a Scooter Car through Red Rock Canyon will have you smiling. Imagine yourself in front of your local grocery store when you were 5 years old. Remember that feeling when the quarter was dropped into that machine that moved you around. You gripped the steering wheel tight and made sharp turns as you swayed back and forth. Well, it’s not entirely the same thing but it is just as much fun. You are surrounded by the sandstone cliffs and the wind rushes past you as you make a few stops and see the park from a different vantage point.

Hike the Canyon
If you need to really see the wide open spaces and deep canyons inside Red Rock Canyon here is really no better way than by putting on some hiking boots and taking to the trails.
Trails vary from strenuous such as the trail to Turtlehead peak that will take you up to 6 hours but afford you some views of the entire canyon and make for some impressive photographs. If you need something that requires less physical exertion but will still get yur heart rate going a couple of times you’ll seek out the Calico Tanks trail. Families will be on the lost creek trail as it is flat and can accommodate the young adventurer in your group. Stop at the visitor’s center for help with trail information and directions.

Tour Red Rock Canyon In A Luxury Jeep

I’ll admit the term jeep is used lightly here as you’ll be comfortable in a pink motor coach that is equipped with giant windows, cool water and a climate controlled environment. You will get to see Red Rock Canyon and your guide will give you a through lesson in the parks geology, wildlife and fauna. The wheels on the vehicle get dirty a couple of times but rest assured at no time will you have to seek out your heart medication.

Want to learn to climb?
If you are really adventurous and looking to hone your climbing skills Red Rock canyon has the crags for you. You can be harnessing your inner Spiderman on a 5.9 climb while your instructor works to make you a better and more efficient climber. See the Bureau of Land Management website for more info rock climbing in Red Rock Canyon.