EDC20 in Las Vegas 2016

Attending #EDC20 in Las Vegas? Here’s what you need to bring.

EDC in Vegas needs some preparation. It's blazing hot (109 degrees at its peak) and dehydration can be a major factor. Save our checklist below for maximum safety and fun. Bring:

Chapstick - Dehydration can crack your lips.

Camelbak - Store water like a true nomad; when EDC ends at 6am you'll be sweating. Camelbaks must be empty upon entry.

Sunglasses - Protect your eyes from sunburn and shield them from the world.

Comfy shoes - Between the 7 stages, expect to walk A LOT. Keep them closed toed. Your feet will get stomped on. Promise.

Gum - Chewing gum keeps your mouth moist and jaw loose. Packs must be sealed prior to entry.

Cash - Credit Cards are accepted at some kiosks but not all if you want merch/food/drinks.

Bandana/mask - Protection. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway gets dusty.

Ear plugs - Protect your hearing - google “etymotic high fidelity ear plugs.” This brand allows you to listen to the megawatt energy of sound without compromising your hearing.

Proper medication - Inhaler if asthmatic/Insulin if diabetic/Prescription meds if you need them.

Wet Ones sanitary wipes - Port-a-potties frequently run out of real toilet paper.

Hand sanitizer - For when you do your business above.

Extra battery/wall charger - EDC is an all night affair.

List of everyone's phone numbers in case you lose your phone or it dies.

Bag - to hold all the stuff mentioned above. Be advised it will be searched by security.

Be aware:

That you have your ID and ticket before heading to the Speedway.

Shuttles are less of a hassle than driving to/from EDC because shuttles have their own dedicated entrance/exits.

EDC is hot, big, and crowded. Determine a meet up spot for friends upon arriving.

Eye drops are available inside but can’t bring them in- EDC takes place in a dustbowl.

Bottled water is $3 - $4. Beer is $8 - $9. Refill stations for water are provided.

Don’t bring your shiny new pair of shoes. They will get f’d up. Fast.

Most people don’t wear much clothing. That whole heat thing.

If you leave at 5pm and head to the Speedway, expect to wait a long time to get in. Especially on day one. You’ll catch rush hour for Vegas locals. Plan accordingly. It’s part of the experience.

Be aware that this 3 day festival is much more taxing on your body than one all night rager. There is a good reason EDC has a ton of EMT personnel on hand. Consume (____) accordingly.

Timestamp your texts to your friends. Cell reception at the Speedway is spotty at best. (Tip courtesy of Reddit).

If bringing cigarettes in, packs must be fully sealed.

PLUR is the mantra. Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.