Battling It Out: Twin Peaks vs. Hooters

When faced with a choice between Hooters and Twin Peaks, two fine establishments where patrons can get their fill of bar food, booze, and beauties, it's not an obvious answer.

Here's what each venue's got going on under the hood (ornaments) so you can make your pick:

Hooters Las Vegas


It's iconic. Unmistakable. Those orange shorts, pitchers of beer and classic American hot wings can't be mistaken for anything else than the perfect representation of branded sexuality for a dining establishment. Hooters has been around since 1983 and now there are over 430 locations serving up wings, bottles, cans, jugs and draughts, but we have to say that they fit in very well in Las Vegas. In fact, this Vegas Hooters location is an entire hotel, right off of Las Vegas Boulevard, if you can't get enough wing & booty short action.

As with most franchises, you can expect menu items, service and atmosphere to be the same as other Hooters you've been to, but this location is like your midwest Hooters on steroids. Special events, themed nights, and the general festivities of Las Vegas' supercharged nightlife typically spills into Hooters Vegas.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

Time to rough it up a bit and head deep into the woods of your dreams, where the Ultimate Sports Lodge awaits with ice cold draughts, hearty comfort food and hotties with some "girl next door" charm. Twin Peaks has over 70 locations across the country, with two here in Vegas and one of those right on The Strip at Planet Hollywood. It's got multiple levels of sexy tavern action and they're really good at making themed nights around big sporting events (as they call themselves a Sports Lodge), holidays and general celebrations for things like the upcoming National Beer Day on March 7 and Bikini Week in July.

I do like that they specify and market themselves as having 29 degree beers, which sounds super refreshing as I type this and certainly will sound good as you read this, plus a small selection of beer cocktails, which I've been into lately. I haven't met anyone who visited Twin Peaks and had a bad experience and we all have to mention the great customer service by the ladies here. Small town feel on a big city street should always get a cheers.

The Verdict:

We can't argue that Hooters has a certain nostalgia to it and when we're feeling extra "MURICA!" we'll likely hit up a Hooters in a drunken stupor for some down-home wings and friendly ladies in nylons. But a certain part of us has been swung over to Twin Peaks (besides our eyeballs. Their eyes are UP THERE, everyone). The entire experience of drinking, eating, and chatting with the ladies here was a new age of tavern life served up by a rack of friendly staffers.

Each venue battles it out, tit for tat. But again, you can't make a bad choice when you've got two great - umm... options right in front of you.