Best Live Jam Hotspots in Vegas

I'm a firm believer that any live music is good music, but usually that's just an excuse for a shitty band to play crap and have drunkards still compliment the experience. Well folks - this is a city that does entertainment better than anyone else, so you're correct in thinking that we have great live music. Here are some of our favorites:

Sand Dollar Lounge (at Bar 702)
You may have seen the episode of Bar Rescue where Vegas' long-standing The Sand Dollar Lounge gets revamped into a more modern venue, but since the show aired the bar is under new management and has gone back to its roots as a live blues hall. The bar doesn't need anything other than its classic tunes and some cheap drinks. The tunes are provided every weekend and on most Saturday nights you will find the stage lit up by the Moanin' Blacksnakes. This band can seriously wail and their blend of classic rock hits, bluesy ballads and crowd pleasers always makes for a great show (trick guitar moves, anyone?). Although confusing people by maintaining both The Sand Dollar Lounge and Bar 702 nomenclature, no matter what you Google, you'll end up at a delightfully sketchy-yet-friendly bar with some seriously amazing music and lots of history to boot.

Sayers Club
On the other side of the Vegas timeline, we have the newly opened Sayers Club, from SLS Las Vegas, debuting this year. A perfect blend of polished decor and raw, industrial touches, this club touts an amazing sound system, which is going to be blasting live music almost every night. The lounge atmosphere turns into a nightclub on Thursdays through Sundays, so it really has the best of both worlds for you night owls.

Double Down Saloon
Ready for a grungy, rock 'n' roll kind of night? We thought you might be. Don your favorite leather boots and vintage tee, you punk, as we're hitting up Double Down. We love a place that has both a good jukebox AND a good stage to bring local talent out. The Double Down Saloon is one of those places that you end up at late at night in a drunken fog and are then so happy that you did. Bands from both the Vegas area and some touring national bands also stop in to play, so you never know what you're in for unless you've signed up for their email list, which alerts you to the concert du jour.

Dueling Piano Bars
Okay, okay, it might not be your classic "live music" situation, but this music is live and always a good chapter to a Vegas trip. There are two good spots to get your dueling pianos on: Napoleon's Lounge at Paris and The Pub at Monte Carlo. Those are the best and the most frequently visited dueling piano experiences. I think the best part about dueling pianos is you can really just turn your night out on to autopilot. You know the songs. You know your friends. So all that's left is just to tip back that drink and sing along until it's time to get late night snacks. Because that's the goal of every night out, right? Oh, just me?

Mizuya at Mandalay Bay
Live music. Every. Night. That's something you don't get to say all the time, even in a 24/7 city like this. At Mizuya inside Mandalay Bay you can get your live music fix every night along with some killer sushi and cocktails. That's not the combination I was expecting to find, however, it's everything I've always hoped and dreamed for.

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