Dressing To The Nines on New Year's

You don’t want to send off 2014 looking like a hobo or welcome 2015 with your fashion game face-planting hard, right? We didn’t think so, so we went ahead and put together your New Year's Eve dress code guidelines for when you’re toasting midnight in the city of sin.

Shimmer & Sparkle


It goes without saying; Everyone wants a little bit of shine for their New Year’s Eve outfit! You have a lot to compete with, visually speaking, with the glittering champagne bubbles, bursting fireworks, laser displays, and confetti. Stand out by either revolving your whole look around a sparkly sequin dress, or take the sparkle into the realm of accessories. NastyGal has a particularly awesome collection of New Years clothing if you want to check it out for inspiration. Go for some cool appliqué over sheer elements, sequin patterns, or just a straight-up glittery mini dress. Want something that’s still sexy, but not in the mini-dress, bondage, wrap dress category? Try an awesome jumpsuit in a shimmery gold or silver, or at least the palazzo pants so you can pair it with a sexy cropped bustier that you love. Or, check out one of our most popular pins on our Pinterest board with this sequin jacket with leather shorts shown above.


FurNYENothing adds a touch of glamour and winter sensuality like fur does. It feels great against your skin and really amps up the formality of any kind of outfit. I suggest grabbing a faux fur stole for any kind of outing where you want to look like a socialite fashionista who’s just livin’ life with those kinds of things in her closet. They come in all kinds of colors, patterns, gradients and textures nowadays, so there’s no need to go real fur here unless you really did inherit it from Grandma Betty. Another tip is to try a hat with this look, if you’ve got somewhere to easily check it or leave it when you arrive at your New Year's destination. It’s all the rage to pair a militaristic hat that says “How YOU doin’, generalissimo?” with your feminine fur, or one of those folky, floppy-brimmed hats you see all those chic bohemian chicks wearing. By the way, feathers rock this category for the same reason as fur, so if you have some killer feathers waiting to fly, then release the flock.

Show Some Skin

SkinNYESheer fabric, leg slits, gaping backs & plunging necklines. “Be a little daring!” That’s your New Year’s Resolution, right? Look, you’re gorgeous and younger than you’ll ever be, so dressing up for New Years means you can get away with some seriously sexy looks, so long as you keep it classy.

I understand lots of ladies feel nowhere near comfortable enough to do a backless outfit with a plunging neckline, or have some buxom obstacles stopping you from going out on the town bra-less. Ultimately: You do you, but I want to attempt convincing you by using examples of the returning 70s fashion, á la American Hustle, and these helpful little gems. They may only be for nip-coverage, but if you have the slightest bit of confidence in your natural breast shape, take a leap of faith and rock that neckline. The fellas nearby will thank you.

Pump Up The Heels


We want you to feel like you’re inside the firework shows because you’re standing so tall! Everyone usually saves their sky-high heels for Vegas anyway, so since this is a holiday and I’m usually telling you to be as daring as you can be while still comfortable, this is not that time.

Join the ranks of aching feet and smiling, champagne-filled faces for at least this one night of partying. You’ll live and your photos will look amazing. Here we’re talking about the same fashion guidelines for the rest of your ‘fit, so go with shiny, glittering pumps or some truly unique shoes like these gold embroidered ones we found. Or, blatantly wear what’s running through your head with these amazing Jeffrey Campbell “Don’t Trip!” pumps that will definitely induce a few chuckles from your cohorts.

But it is not this day!




Come on, fellas, we want to see you get spiffed up, too. Velvet blazers, sharp kicks, some slicked back hair and you’re good to go. This won’t be hard, since we can work with the staples you’ve already got in your closet but find that something special to take it up to an 11. Tap into the seasonal nature of New Years by throwing on a sharp jacket in a rich velvet texture or even by finding a plaid blazer in some dark neutral tones. Nothing too light or colorful, since it’s still winter, but you can really catch some eyes if you find a great suit jacket in a jewel tone like midnight blue, emerald, or even a dark purple. A button-up dress shirt and a tie is a must, so just find a pattern or color that works with your statement jacket. Throw in a pocket square, too, ya animal. This is a formal holiday.

Now that you know you'll be looking fly as hell for New Year's Eve, just hit us up for the rest of your party planning needs on and you'll be toasting to 2015 in style at the best hotspots in Las Vegas!