Eating In Las Vegas: Javier’s at ARIA Las Vegas

The Experience

If you sit next to the giant wood sculpture on the back wall keep in mind that some really talented guy with a chainsaw sat in front of a giant chunk of wood and made this. Pay tribute by taking way too many pictures and sharing them with all of your friends. Yes, it looks a little freaky but it must be appreciated.

If you find a seat at the bar you’ll notice there is a bit of a party atmosphere hidden among the patrons. I think it might be all the tequila sitting just a few feet from your glass, or the proximity to the casino or maybe the fact that there are a lot of pretty people just hanging out having drinks.

Depending on the experience you are looking for I’m telling you that the further you get away from the bar the more docile the atmosphere gets but it does have a tendency to be a little loud but in a festive way. Javier’s serves above average Mexican food with a lot of South of the border party attitude. It’s not in your face but if you decide to have a second margarita, well then, you have subscribed to the idea that you are also in the mood for a party.

Who You Are Taking To The Restaurant

If I’m here with my buddies I’m probably eating at the bar or having a few drinks there before I eat. It does help the party get going and there is a good chance you’ll meet a few friends having the before dinner drink. At lunch the bar area is dangerous because you tend to forget that you still have an entire day to have fun. Pace yourself. If I’m with my wife I’m hoping for a table closer to the wood sculpture because it is a little quieter and I want to have a conversation. We are still in the “Vegas” party mood but we also like to spend some time together.

What You’ll Order
If you are with a group of people or even just two other people get the taco platter and share. You make your own tacos and the pork, chicken or beef that come on this platter is more than enough for three. If you are a germ freak and don’t like people to touch your food have the Camarones Rancheros and you’ll be in shrimp heaven. The garlic and the spice really does make everything nice. Also, start with the Octopus ceviche and a margarita.

Javier’s at ARIA Resort
3730 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 866-590-3637

Cuisine: Mexican

Hours: Lunch and dinner daily – 11:30 - Midnight

Similar Restaurants in Las Vegas

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  • Carlos ‘n Charlie’s at Flamingo – Ok, it’s barely Mexican food unless you consider the tequila and the atmosphere that is right out of all the Mexican resort towns you visited on Spring Break. I always recommend this place because the food is fine but the atmosphere is brilliant.

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