Alternate options if not attending EDC in Las Vegas

EDC Vegas not in your plans? Here’s what to do instead.

Bags booked, Uber arrived, and your flight landed smoothly in the Las Vegas Valley. Perhaps you are looking forward to a relaxing Vegas vacation, attending a productive conference, or listening to anything but fist-pumping oontz oontz?

Look up and “ravers” are running around everywhere on the famous Las Vegas strip wearing weird multi-colored, multi-layered, homemade outfits that appear as if someone’s underwear met a glue stick met a jumbo bag of Skittles...maybe you’re digging this!

Maybe you’re not.

Here are some options during #edcweek in Las Vegas to help you experience Vegas the way you are accustomed:

EDC, or the Electric Daisy Carnival, is primarily an electronic dance music-fueled fist-pumping session that celebrates frequently lyric-less tunes, good vibes, positivity, love, and respect among festival-goers. Taking place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway each June in Las Vegas during 100 degree temperatures, world-class electronic DJs wait until after sunset to fire up their megawatt speakers and commence the oontz-oontz fest. However, in case it is not your cup of tea, the entertainment capital of the world has other options for you.

If you don’t like EDM (Electronic Dance Music), consider attending hip hop artist Nelly’s performance at Drai’s Nightclub on Friday, June 17. Nothing says hip hop fix faster than “Just a Dream” with “Country Grammar.” Better yet, if you’re a baller, book a table.

For those for whom EDC seems a seductive yet unattainable siren due to poor planning, lack of funds or a combination of those, fear not. You can still experience EDC without going there:

These famous DJs take a helicopter back from EDC in time each night in order to do double duty on the Strip. You can avoid the EDC crowds and yet still experience the musical talent.

Finally, if music is not why you came, Vegas has options for you as well. Take someone special to see a world-class Cirque du Soleil show, spike your adrenaline with a trip to one of Vegas’ many gun ranges, or simply relax by your opulent hotel’s pool and bask in the arid sunshine of the desert. This is how you Vegas.

...However you like.