Fashionista Fatale: What to Wear Poolside Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend, a.k.a. the grand finale of summer is fast approaching. Everything is set---where you’re staying, where you’re sipping and the pools you’re hitting. There’s just one problem, you don’t know what to wear. Follow these wise words and send your summer off with a stylish goodbye.

The weather in Vegas is hot, but parlaying poolside, you’ll want to be hotter. Here’s the recipe for an intoxicating look:

1. Start with a bright bikini that has sexy details. Think Beach Bunny Swimwear’s “Take Me Away” number. It’s bright, it’s sexy, it’s so EBC.

2. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! You can never go wrong with an armful of “candy” (bangles). They’re add an extra bit of flavor to your suit and dress up the look. Diamonds and rhinestones are always welcome.

3. Wear a hat. Not only because you want to shield the sun, but for that touch of glamour. Make sure you’re hat is a neutral color; you don’t want to distract from your ‘kini.

4. Be shady. Oversized sunnies are sweet, but these gold aviators from Salt Optics are luxe.

5. Top off your look with a pair of sky high heels. Styles like the Jessica Simpson Trixie are ideal for dancing, chatting, standing and walking back to the bar.

Remember, daylife is pretty much nightlife with no shoes and less clothes. It’s perfectly acceptable to spend a few hours primping...curl your tresses, wear your lashes and keep a luscious lip gloss with you at all times--no one will judge.


Until next summer, ladies.