Finally Friday In Las Vegas at HYDE Bellagio

It’s Friday night. It’s Vegas. The night belongs to you and it’s go time. Hyde Bellagio is the destination, maybe one of the best kept secrets in the world of Las Vegas Nightclubs, if such a thing is possible. The great thing about Hyde, run by the SLS team from LA, is that it’s not another one of these gargantuan thunderdomes with a hundred rooms, three floors, and still nowhere to stand. You can walk all the way around Hyde in ten minutes (as long as no one’s blocking your way), you can get a drink here within a reasonable amount of time, and if you stand atop your booth next to the crazy living mannequins, you can look around the whole place and find out where the party is. Throw in the views of the fountains and the excellent finger foods and this is a can't miss spot.

But if you’ve got a few hours before the club starts hopping, why not grab a drink somewhere else? In the Bellagio, Lily Bar and Lounge is the hip pre-club meeting spot of choice, and they make a killer Manhattan here, if you’re a Bourbon fan. They also have plenty of spots where you can actually have a seat without th eneed to order and expensive bottle. Say you want something a little softer or more sophisticated? A couple other places to love here are the piano-centered Petrossian bar and the High Limit gaming lounge (no, you don’t have to bet. Just sit at the bar and look like you could if you wanted to).

Hungry? Clubbers here will usually gather at Yellowtail (one of the best sushi spots on the Strip, with a fountain view if you request it) or Fix, if steaks are more your style—great sliders here, too. If you want something more creative, seek out the EuroAsian Sensi, with an ever-evolving menu from their open kitchens. Or you can always just get a good pizza and salad at Olives.

By the way, Bellagio is also one of the best Vegas resorts to just wander around and see things, too. In addition to the famous fountains out front, and the amazing (window) shopping with names like Prada and Tiffany & Co., you won’t want to miss checking out the seasonal display in the Conservatory Gardens. Maybe you’re the type that would even enjoy checking out their intimate Art Gallery, usually displaying world famous works. The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art is very impressive.

Or, if you’ve managed to make a night AND a morning out of it, maybe you just want to check in at the Bellagio Spa, still one of the best places on the Strip to get steamed.

One more thing, as long as you are there you will need a crepe from Jean Philippe so follow the signs or walk past the Conservatory and look for the giant chocolate fountain.