Five Items To Consider Packing In Your Carry-on Bag

This past weekend I found myself delayed at Detroit Metro Airport and what do you know but all the restaurants and stores were closing so it was just me and the rest of the travelers waiting and waiting and waiting.  As the time slowly ticked away I found myself getting a little hungry and thirsty and it got me thinking in a pinch what handful of items would I wish I had.  So simple to pack no matter if you are a business or casual traveler.

1.       Travel water bottle – I personally I love SIGG but whatever you are comfortable with is the most important factor.  Also instant drinks powder packets like Crystal Light, Gatorade, etc. may become your best friend

2.       Mixed Nuts – these definitely will crave the hunger, simple to pack and will also provide a nice boost of energy

3.       Bars (Lara, KIND, PowerBar, Clif Bar, etc.) – another easy item to pack and can be your “break in case of emergency” food

4.       Multi-use Power Charger – if you are lucky to find an outlet (good luck at PHX) this seems to save everyone during delays, especially in the technology age we are in

5.       Change of under garments – if you happen to check your luggage and your plane is delayed until morning, you’ll really be thankful you packed these (especially if your luggage doesn’t make it with you on the flight too)