Galavantier’s Top 5 Tips for Success in 2017

Galavantier’s Top 5 Tips for Success in 2017

Now that we are well into January, it’s usually that time that resolutions begin to fizzle. Don’t let that happen! Make 2017 the year that you change the success of your life. Start with these top 5 tips from us on how to increase that income as an Ambassador.

1. Ask the Right Questions

When you first engage your client, asking a few questions will help give you, the ambassador, a better understanding of what your client may be looking for. Finding out whether they're in town to party or work, what kind of music they like, where they're staying or what type of budget they have will help you narrow down the many options for bottle service and activities available.

2. Know How to Explain Who We Are and What We Do

It makes sense that some potential customers may be skeptical to book a table through you without having official connections with the nightclub. To give your potential client peace of mind, let them know that Galavantier is the Expedia of nightlife. You can also show them the Galavantier website, or even the Galavantier Yelp page.

3. Have Access to the Right Tools

We understand that you are busy and that booking tables probably isn't your first priority while going about your everyday life. However, that shouldn't stop you from being prepared when the opportunity presents itself. Staying logged in to the Galavantier Ambassador Platform and keeping your business cards within reach will help provide a smoother and faster experience for both you and your potential customer. When you only have a few minutes of your potential customer's time, every second counts.

4. Make Your Client Feel Like a VIP

When your client books using the Galavantier Ambassador Platform, they get more than just a table. They receive a superior experience. For example, when booking bottle service, this includes being escorted to their table by a VIP host without waiting in line. The table is guaranteed, and there are no additional costs or hidden fees. These benefits should always be mentioned to a potential customer who wants a real VIP experience instead of being shaken down at the door.

5. Educate Your Client About the Booking and Fulfillment Process

Did you know that your client's party can split their booking payment evenly when reserving their table? How about the fact that six hours before their event, your client will receive their host's name and cell phone number? Letting your client know what to expect during and after booking keeps the process in motion and helps to avoid any confusion. Spending just 30 extra seconds to give your client a full rundown is worth avoiding frustration down the road.

* Bonus Tip: Don't Get Discouraged

Not everyone is going to want to book with you. Maybe they're just here to visit family or to work. Maybe they met a promoter and decided to take a chance on a different table. Whatever the reason, don't let it discourage you from trying again. Change up your pitch, or get creative with a new Facebook post, just don't give up!

If you're interested in additional training, we're happy to help. Just text or call us at 702-666-8600 to book an appointment to better use the platform to make more money!

Be sure to keep an eye out after the New Year for more blog posts aimed at Ambassador education and development. Lastly, if you are experiencing certain challenges or have any suggestions that you think would help improve the Galavantier Ambassador Network, we want to hear about them!

Email us at anytime and we'll be happy to provide solutions. From all of us at Galavantier, have a safe and happy New Year!